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Grey’s Anatomy 10×13 – Take It Back

"My boyfriend ran off with the bride."


Review by Tagouga
Grey’s Anatomy is finally back and we picked up right where we left off, at the famous wedding.

The episode opened up by revealing April’s choice: she ended up picking Jackson (with those gorgeous eyes, who wouldn’t?) but of course, being herself, April freaked out and bailed on the whole thing. Three weeks later, we find out that they are both single. At this point I was seriously questioning the turn of events; can’t we just put these two together and get on with it? This, to my surprise, is exactly what happened; the last scene not only reveals that April and Jackson are together but they’re married too! I must say as much as I hated these two as a couple before, and although I think Matthew would have been a better choice for April, I surprisingly kind of liked having them together by the end of the hour. I genuinely did not see that coming.

Right after the wedding, Callie and Arizona found themselves on the verge of breaking up with all the fighting. Flash forward three weeks, and the two are shopping for a house together. Wait, what? We were never really told what happened between these two, but for once I was glad. I have absolutely no interest in this story dragging on any longer.

Ben finally let everything out in the open and revealed that the only reason he quit surgery was to be with Bailey. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to be a surgeon (something we all knew but apparently Bailey didn’t). The guy suffered quite a bit during past episodes, and it’s finally time for him to catch a break and be happy for a change.

It was very upsetting to see Shane back at the hospital. Can’t we get rid of him already? I was completely on board with Hunt taking out all his rage on Shane after finding out he slept with Christina. After all, Shane is intolerable. However, I do understand Webber’s point of view in wanting to give the guy another chance. After all, the hospital is known for taking back its doctors after they mess up.

Another surprise reveal was the complaint being filed against the hospital by one of its residents. Going forward, relationships of a romantic or sexual nature between superiors and subordinates will no longer be permitted. I suspect that Leah is the one behind this – and not Stephanie (as the show seems to imply). It’s funny how long it took the hospital to realize that its doctors’ personal lives were disrupting their work. But then again, if such a rule was previously applied, we wouldn’t have a show! In all cases, I am quite interested to see the actual reason behind a complaint being raised at this time. Meredith and Derek are married so this won’t affect them, the same goes for Arizona and Callie, and apparently April and Jackson. So at the moment, this rule will only affect Alex and Jo (seeing as how Cristina is no longer interested in Shane). I think this will force April and Jackson to reveal their marriage but nothing more.

Bits & Scalpels

– It was funny how everyone kept poking at Ben’s age.

– Meredith and Derek’s arguments are quite enjoyable.

– Bailey is finally back to normal, and Ben is now part of the program again!

– The scene with Alex’s dad passing away was moving, especially the way Alex handled the whole situation.

– Did anyone else notice how small Grey looked when hugging Alex?

– So Derek has been sending money to a guy’s family after gravely injuring him. I am just glad this Michael didn’t turn out to be a love child that Derek abandoned.

Grey Banter

Callie: Let’s just worry about getting you out of here with all of your nine lives.

Ben: How old do you people think I am?
Stephanie: 49
Bailey: Ben Warren, you forgot your lunch
Stephanie: Can I change my answer? ‘Cause now I wanna say you’re 12

Ben: (to Derek) Paging Dr. Man. Paging Dr. Well Dressed Man.

Must-Download Tunes
Josh Record – Bones
Sleeping at Last – Total Eclipse of the Heart

While still not back to its previous glory, this was a promising hour of Grey‘s. Let’s hope the show keeps it up and kudos for not dragging out any unnecessary plotlines.

 Tagouga Rating


  1. It was a good episode of Grey's, I agree, but I'm just not enjoying it as much as I used to anymore. Yes, please, get rid of Shane for the love of God! He is so annoying to look at and I hate every single scene with him!

    I never thought of that it could be Leah who filed for the complaint–I immediately thought of Stephanie, but that sounds even more plausible since we're being spoon-fed to believe it was Steph. For once, Derek and Meredith's storyline was interesting and I'm interesting to see where it's going. Also, did you hear about the show being granted 2 more seasons? *grunt*

  2. I am so glad we are on the same page when it comes to Shane. Such an annoying character!

    Yes I heard about the additional 2 seasons and as I said to Nadim a while back at this point we are all just watching out of loyalty. This episode and the previous one are definitely better than those that preceded them but this should have been the final season.

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