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Grey’s Anatomy 10×14 – You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

"So, you're the panty police now?"


Review by Tagouga
This felt more like an episode of the show we grew to love over the years.

It turns out that Leah was indeed the one who filed the complaint, and her whole speech about her medical education getting compromised was kind of exaggerated. Jo summed it up perfectly: if you end up heartbroken, you talk things out and you move on; you don’t actually file a complaint. Shane on the other hand was more annoying than ever with his “moving” speech (I don’t care if this guy even has a point – any scene involving him is a pain to watch).

Speaking of the non-fraternization rule, Alex (who is not one to take orders from anyone) certainly has a point that the entire board had their share of fooling around in the hospital. However, if this rule was laid down before his relationship with Jo, then I understand because Alex was notorious for sleeping around with women at the hospital. But he is in a committed relationship now, so just don’t have sex in the hospital, and do whatever you want outside. I had a feeling that the fight with Jo was rehearsed and I am glad that was the case because it looked fake and over the top.

Cristina ended up spending the night with Owen. And although Hunt had always thought he wanted kids (which Emma offered to give him), he realized that he’d rather be with someone as passionate about his work as he was (at least that was the excuse he gave Emma while breaking up with her). Personally, I think he finally realized he would rather be with Christina and no kids, than someone else with kids. So what does that mean? Is he willing to give his relationship with Christina a second chance? And with Sandra Oh leaving so soon, where does that leave the couple?

As most of you know by now, Dr. Burke will be making an appearance on the show. What do you think of this development? Are he and Christina going to end up together? I sure hope not.

Bits & Scalpels

– The episode opened up with happy couples and a contradicting voice-over speech about cancer.

I felt like Arizona didn’t like the ring at first – In my opinion, this couple is trying way too hard to make it seem like everything is working out

– It is so much fun having Ben back on the show.

– Cristina calling her mom to ask about valances was hilarious – I am sure gonna miss Sandra Oh when she leaves.

– Webber catching the couples in the storage room was a true Grey’s moment.

Grey Banter

Cristina: The President dumped him!

Meredith: I have wine
Cristina: I’ll be there

Must-Download Tunes
Young Summer – Don’t You Want Me
Sleeping at Last – All Through the Night
J2 feat. Cameron the Public – Man in the Mirror

A very entertaining hour of Grey’s.

Tagouga Rating


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  1. This was definitely one of the better episodes of this season, but I literally screamed “No!” when it appeared that Shane was coming up with a way to solve the girl's life–simply because I was just angry, why Shane?! Damn it!

    I thought it was so hilarious the way Cristina talked to her mother on the phone! Sandra Oh is the only one on this show right now delivering the comedy! She will definitely be missed, badly. And yes, for the love of god do something about Arizona and Callie: they're just not good to watch anymore.

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