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How I Met Your Mother 9×20 – Daisy

“I told you guys I could keep a secret!”


How I Met Your Mother fans had a pretty rough week after Vesuvius, the most controversial and utterly devastating episode this show has ever crafted. So it was expected that Daisy would be a lighter, more hopeful episode. Indeed, that’s exactly what it was.

Sadly, there was no mention of the Mother in this episode even though we are only three episodes away from saying goodbye to this show for good, and I’m starting to understand some of the fans’ anger with the way this season panned out. I’m just starting to realize that I don’t want the show to end with just the moment Ted meets the Mother; I want to see them dating and hanging out and screwing things up. The flash-forwards aren’t enough because they’re only showing us how cute and adorable they are once they get married and have kids. We’re not seeing Ted getting to know this woman we’ve wanted to meet since season one

Now that I’ve let that out of my system, I can’t deny that Daisy was a fine installment. It might not have been very funny, but it was very adorable. We finally found out where Lily disappeared to after her big fight with Marshall, and Ted bringing back “The Mosby Boys” was a delightful callback to his investigative side. In the end, it’s revealed that Lily is pregnant (some of us might’ve actually figured it out two minutes into the episode) and Marshall tells her he wants to go to Italy after all.

The episode’s best moment had to be the final closing scene with the flash-forward to a year later. It’s nice to see that the Ericksons do in fact go to Italy (since we already know that Marshall will eventually become a judge, and mayor of Gotham City) and that’s where we are introduced to a more grown-up Marvin and just a few months old Daisy, the newest Erickson girl. It was a sweet and touching moment that they named their baby after the plant where Lily had hidden her pregnancy test (which was all sorts of unrealistic by the way).

Robin’s mother was actually charming despite her tedious storyline about how her husband being exactly like Barney. Also, did these people forget they have a wedding to get to in four hours? Seriously, no one is dressed yet? Not even the bride?!

Speaking of the bride, there might have been a small hint of a cliffhanger when Robin went out to the patio with her mother. It’s probably nothing, but it certainly didn’t seem like it when Robin’s mother asked her if she had someone who will always be there for her, someone she can depend on. Robin’s reaction (looking away and nodding “I do”) is very misleading: did she mean Ted? If so, what a major disappointment. Just as Ted has finally moved on (I mean, you remember the whole floating-Robin disaster, don’t you?), the writers decide to make it seem like Robin isn’t over him after all? Hopefully, this is just to explain why Robin has cold feet minutes before walking down the aisle (season 8 premiere), but if it’s more than that, then we have a problem.

Slaps & Bits

– Ranjit doesn’t have a driver’s license!

– Billy Zabka, The Captain and Becky “Boats, Boats, Boats” all made good appearances, but I would’ve much rather seen the Mother.

– Ted pointed out that everything that’s happened on this wedding weekend (for the past day and a half) was a bit much.

– Lily being pregnant actually fills in a lot of plot-holes this season has provided us with; one of them being why she got so emotional during her fight with Marshall when he said that any future kids they might have together are just a constellation prize, leading her to storm out.

– Lily gets worried that if Daisy is born outside the U.S., she can never become President.

– So what did you think of Robin and her mom’s private talk? Is it a hint of more Ted-Robin-Barney trouble, or we shouldn’t be reading too much into it?

A hopeful and lighter episode than last week’s hour. However, I could’ve definitely lived without Robin and her mother’s conversation at the end.

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  1. Although the pregnancy thing was obvious from the start, it was still fun watching Ted bring back the Mosby Boys and failing to discover the mystery after all.

    I definitely agree with you concerning that last conversation. The way Robin replies to her mother's question makes it seem that she is talking about Ted.

    It turned out that Lily did go the Captain that night. You guessed it 🙂

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