Scandal 3×13 – No Sun On The Horizon

"How did we end up here? What is this place?"


I didn’t adore this episode.

That’s not to say it wasn’t VERY good, but I didn’t find it as incredible as the last few outings. And truth be told, Scandal has practically spoiled me with its reliable array of mindblowing hours, that I tend to be somewhat disappointed when an episode is less than magnificent. Perhaps it’s the fact that Mama Pope and Adnan Salif were oddly missing from this week’s proceedings? After last week’s jawdropper of a bombshell, that kind of plot diversion felt like a letdown.

On the bright side, Liv discovered the truth about Daniel Douglas’ murder and subsequently told Fitz before asking him to “throw” the debate. I much prefer it when characters aren’t kept in the dark so this was a welcome dose of forward momentum. Plus it gave Kerry Washington the glorious opportunity to laugh hysterically in Cyrus’ office after coming to the realization that all three presidential candidates were murderers. It was downright meta to witness Kerry crack up at the preposterous nature of the show.

The cliffhanger was also stellar, with Jake fully assuming his role in B613 and shooting either James or David. I do hope Scandal further cements itself as bold and gusty television by killing off one of these two potential victims. Characters deaths can do a marvelous job of escalating the stakes, and I’d love for James (not David) to bite the bullet. Honestly Cyrus and James’ recurring blowouts have become boring, and the latter severely unlikeable. David and Abby however, are a joy to watch.  Alright Shonda, let’s see if you’ve still got guts.

Scandalous Bits

– Mellie impersonating Sally complete with the accent in the mock-up debate was just wonderful. Bellamy Young for the win!

– They sure are doing a great job of hiding Kerry Washington’s pregnancy with the wide assortment of big coats, purses, and extreme closeups.

– It’s been a while since I found myself rooting for Liv and Jake, but I loved the “take advantage of me Jake” scene. Beautifully played by Miss Washington.

– Gem of a scene with Jake calling Cyrus a “mouse” and refusing to kill Sally.

– Who else felt like punching Quinn when she warned Jake of Olivia? And her breaking into Liv’s office was not cool.

– I think I would have started a riot if Sally had gotten shot during the debate. I genuinely love the character, particularly since she’s nuttier than ever at the moment.

– If James does get killed off (doubtful), at least he got an appropriately moving final scene with Cyrus.


Sally: And where in the hell did you summon the audacity to accuse me of dirty politics while you’re the one slathered in mud, fornicating with whatever slithers by while dining on your own filth til you’re too fat to stand? Well, guess what? Time for the slaughter piggy, piggy! Time for the slaughter, you filthy, cloven beast! I see the signs of the devil branded into you flesh. We all see them. Time to serve your master. Time to make the bacon! Judgment is upon you, and on that day, you will no longer roam the temple, soiling this nation’s hallowed ground. For you will be frying in the flames of hell. For you satanic master to snack upon! Yum Yum, Crispy Piggy! YUM YUM!

Leo: She’s all yours Reverend. Fix her.

Rowan: Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t fire you?
Leo: Fire me? I don’t even work for you.
Rowan: When I say “fire”, I am employing a euphemism.

Jake: Watch the way you talk to clients Perkins. We’re starting to lose fake business.

A solid albeit unspectacular hour of Scandal. Still there’s no denying that this show’s on fire.

Nad Rating


  1. Hehe.. Loved the review!! Although (again) I kinda disagree with you… I thought this episode was phenomenal.. I'd give it an A or A+! Jake metamorphosing and Mme VP going coocoo Catholic (or Mormon or whatever she is) were splendid bits of the episode!!!

    It just felt like an intense really well executed episode!

    (Great review nevertheless)

  2. Tarek I didn't know you were watching Scandal as well! I know everyone thought this was a spectacular hour, but I really wanted more Mama Pope and Adnan Salif. Hence I wasn't too inspired to delve into details in my review like I usually do (so I'm glad to see you still enjoyed reading it – not one of my best). Thank you!

  3. Yeah I got hooked on Scandal.. You've got only yourself to blame!!
    (Also Arrow for that matter… But I ain't watching no vampire *ahem* stuff!)

    Keep up the great job buddy (and all your co reviewers), and I need some new restaurant suggestions!! 😀

  4. Arrow! Woohoo! Awesomeness. That show is on fire!

    Yeah I gave up on Vampire Diaries. Not worth starting so don't.

    As for new restaurants, Prune is fantastic, and Epicery is pretty interesting!

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