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Grey’s Anatomy 10×15 – Throwing it All Away

"I am still and will always be the Chief."


Review by Tagouga
The show seems to have understood the importance of balancing the focus between the new interns and our old beloved cast. And although this hour focused mostly on  Callie and Arizona, it also helped advance several important storylines.

This certainly wasn’t Callie’s day. Not only did she lose her research, but it turned out that Leah’s complaint was lodged against her as opposed to Arizona (like everyone assumed). Callie has been through a lot this season, from the aftermath of the accident with Arizona, to the lawsuit, to Arizona’s cheating, and now she has a disciplinary report. The couple had been trying to make it look as though everything was back to normal, however the events of this hour finally culminated in an explosive fight where everything came out into the open. At the risk of sounding mean, I prefer the couple when they’re fighting, as those scenes seem to bring out the best in both actresses and some great performances. I guess seeing them happy isn’t quite as satisfying.

Ross’s scenes were tolerable this week, mainly because of Cristina and her decision to be a true mentor this time around. On the other hand, Owen and Cristina had some pretty adorable scenes, the two obviously seem to care a whole lot about each other which only leaves me curious as to how their journey will end with Sandra Oh’s departure.

Alex and Jo are still suffering from breaking the non-fraternization rule forcing the two to work on entirely separate floors. It was nice seeing Meredith have Alex’s back (as much as she could) and coming up with a way to save his relationship with Jo by making him sign a declaration of their relationship. I am still unconvinced as to why Alex made such a big deal of the rule, but at least now the couple can move on while staying together.

Bits & Scalpels

– Although the story of the guy and his kidney took a dramatic turn at the end, it was actually fun to watch, especially the way he kept stalking Kepner.

– I actually miss seeing Callie and Derek work together so it was a shame that their research had come to an end.

– Cristina and Arizona shared their nightmares and memories of the plane crash. I still remember Cristina yelling at Arizona to shut up because the latter wouldn’t stop screaming, so it was only natural that Cristina still has dreams of that traumatic scream.

– Although not as great as previous ones, this episode featured an elevator scene – something we loved and grew accustomed to on the show.

Grey Banter

Meredith: “Oh, yeah. Call me. We’ll hang out.” I haven’t seen a blow-off like that since high school.

Cristina: Are you squeaking?

Alex: You bang a co-worker, and you get a house and two kids. I do it, and I get suspended.

Alex: Did I get too close to Wilson? Did an alarm go off somewhere?

 Nicole: You do any more bowling for doctors today?

Must-Download Tunes
Joy Zipper – Just Like Heaven
Gloria Jones – Tainted Love
The Wind + The Wave – Time After Time

Another promising hour of Grey’s. I heard the show is planning a Cristina-Centric episode (it will probably be episode 17) so I am actually looking forward to that one.

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