Revenge 3×15 – Struggle

"If I created this beast, don't you think it's time I slay it?"


Season three of Revenge has taught me a very valuable lesson: never underestimate a show – because as terrible as it might get, a masterful comeback is always within reach. The proof? Six straight-A episodes in a row. Woah.

I adored the insight into Emily’s psyche this week. It was fascinating to watch Aiden utilize Takeda’s drowning technique from the season two premiere (in an awesome bit of continuity) to unlock our heroine’s subconscious. Here’s where things got a bit confusing: does Emily blame her Dad for bringing Victoria into their lives? Or herself for letting the vindictive vixen get in the way? I guess it’s a little bit of both, but the repressed memories provided Ems with some much needed clarity after her blackout debacle. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I really love flashbacks to little Emily and her dad. They add a lot to the show and do a great job of reminding us why she’s so dedicated to her mission.

Was this Patrick’s last appearance? I don’t think the writers had such a great handle on the character this season; he was introduced in intriguing fashion, but ultimately fizzled out before we ever really got to know him. His exit should have been more affecting, but the real emotion came from Madeleine Stowe’s superb performance (because really, when is this woman not fantastic?). We got some beautiful shades to the character when it was revealed that she had sacrificed her relationship with her son by secretly getting him Stefano’s offer and plotting his departure with Nolan. In addition, that revelatory scene with Victoria and Nolan toasting Patrick was undeniably the single best scene the two have ever shared. It’s just a pity I don’t really care that Patrick is gone. Oh well, on to the next bastard child.

Stevie Grayson continues to be one heck of an intriguing character. I don’t know if it’s mainly due to Gail O’Grady’s performance, but the character is just enormously likeable. I’m praying the writers don’t kill her off at any point soon because she already feels like a pivotal part of the cast. In addition, the episode’s final flashback with an alcoholic (and disbarred) Stevie visiting David Clarke promises to yield some explosive revelations, as it effectively supplies Emily with an absorbing little mystery to crack. Let’s just hope Stevie doesn’t find herself on the receiving end of Emily’s iconic red sharpie.

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be Revenge without at least one terrible subplot, and that honor belongs to Conrad and the ever-useless Charlotte. Does anyone here even care about Charlotte “working” at Voulez and spying on her dad? Perhaps the arrival of Margaux’s father will spice things up, because this detached subplot is sorely in need of an adrenaline shot to the arm. Will the writers ever come to the realization that Charlotte needs to leave the show? I used to think they would never get rid of Declan, so I guess there’s hope. Still, I won’t let this miniscule (and pointless) subplot ruin my enjoyment of a truly reinvigorated season.

Vengeful Bits

– Emily defacing her dad’s infinity engraving was a wonderfully symbolic and powerful moment, particularly since it was later contrasted by the flashback of her dad doing the initial carving.

– Chilling moment with Emily hiding under the bed and then being dragged out (horror-movie style).

–  The flashback with Ems walking in on Daddy and Victoria having sex was pretty icky, no?

– Could it be? Was I actually moved by Jack having a heart-to-heart with Emily and holding her hand? I guess I finally accept these two as an endgame couple. Well played writers.

– I adored the scene with Patrick bidding his mom goodbye only to reveal Victoria listening to a voice message. It was perfectly executed, and punctuated by a gorgeous sunset and Stowe’s gut-wrenching performance.

– Truly impressive cinematography in the drowning scene. The blueish tint was a stark contrast to the colors we’re usually accustomed to on the show.

– Beautiful little moment with Jack inviting Stevie to meet her grandson. I love watching these two reconnect.

– Seriously, could Daniel be a bigger villain? Even his scenes are staged in the shadows. And I have a feeling that things are going to get ugly now that his spy has supplied him with pictures of Ems and Aiden.

– I missed seeing Emily in her house. Glad to see she’s back.

– Probably my favorite moment of the week: Nolan gifting Emily with a modified and super high-tech Infinity box that can only be opened with her fingerprint. How epic is that? I need one in my life. NOW.

Devious Delights

Nolan: Emily wait, what are you going to do?
Emily: What I should have done in the first place.. I’m gonna kill them all.

Nolan: I read an article about Jimmy’s death; shall we call it a murder?
Patrick: They ruled that an accident.
Nolan: Which is fast becoming a euphemism for “Patrick did it.”

Victoria: It sickens me that the only way to save Patrick was to let him think I was a monster who wanted Stevie Grayson dead. What, no snappy rejoinder?
Nolan: None needed. You let me help break you heart.
Victoria: Don’t tell me yours doesn’t hurt too.

A compelling and contemplative hour of Revenge. Stunning.

Nad Rating


  1. Your review is spot-on. An excellent hour of Revenge, and I can't believe how much this show has improved over the past few episodes! This has definitely become my favorite new addiction.

    Charlotte and Conrad's storyline though felt way too random for such an episode. It was weird and not amusing. Unlike you, I've always actually kind of liked Jack. Yes, his character is unbelievably bland and boring but this season he's redeemed himself. Him finding out about Emily's identity has definitely made him a much more interesting character although I can't seem to tell who to root for: Emily & Jack or Emily & Aiden?

    Aiden has turned into such a weird, unlikable character this season. I don't know if it's just me but I seem to loved him in season 2. Now he is way less likable. Maybe this is the writers' way of forcing Ems and Jack down our throats? Either way, I don't mind them ending up together in the end. That whole “soulmates since childhood” thing is pretty ridiculous but it seems like the two characters suddenly have chemistry together this season. Excited about next episode!

  2. Woohoo you're finally up to date 🙂 The great thing about you watching the show so quickly Chris, is that you didn't really have time to fall out of love with it like so many of us for almost a year. You got to watch everything in a very quick period of time and thus you witnessed the badass return of the show very fast. I'm actually kind of jealous of you! Haha.

    Looking forward to discussing episodes with you on a weekly basis! 😀

  3. Hahaha true! The bad episodes didn't feel so exhausting to watch because they passed by really quickly for me (instead of a year's worth of bad). It took me less than 2 weeks to catch up, man I got some addiction problems!

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