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Once Upon A Time 3×13 – Witch Hunt

“I’m going to take everything away from you.”


Review by Panda
So far those behind this new arc have done a fantastic job of making sure that it’s been fresh and exciting, and have avoided it becoming a weak attempt at recycling used plots. Everything here feels different and my renewed enthusiasm for Once didn’t falter during Witch Hunt.

We’ve seen the curse in action already. We’ve seen the town turn on Regina already. And we’ve seen more than enough of them acting like hypocritical fools. What’s great about this storyline is that it hasn’t felt like we’ve done any of this before, because it’s a completely different take, not just in the reversal of roles between Emma and Henry, but in the memories, or lack thereof, that everyone has now.

There’s so much history there, that it all means a lot more than it did before. After the town ganged up on Regina so easily, I was seriously worried about the direction this plot would take. What happened to those who had started to forgive her for how she’d changed?

Despite giving us the run around with her development, it seems like the writers are finally committed to seeing Regina grow and change. I was delighted that the big show in the town hall was just that; a charade. I’m not sure who exactly was in on it, but the one person I was hoping would be on Regina’s side was placing more trust in her than anyone; Emma. For me that’s all that matters.

Naturally, Regina hasn’t completely changed her stripes. It was devastating to see that after giving Henry up, she thought that the sleeping curse was all that was left for her. We saw a glimmer of the old Queen we all remember as she vowed to destroy the Wicked Witch. I’m not sure it’s going to be something that changes her journey so far, but it could mean that she thinks little of what Henry wanted for her when he’s not there to encourage it.

Destroying “Zelena” might be her downfall, but it might also mean that Regina gets to channel her frustration into something good; saving the Enchanted Forest, and sure, facing off with her wicked half sister who has vowed to ruin her.

The Wicked Witch’s true identity makes sense since Once is all about family. Pretty much everyone is related to someone in the Charming family, why would she be any different?! I’m really happy with what they’ve done with “Zelena” so far, too. She’s approximately 109239 times the villain that Pan was, and Rebecca Mader brings a lot more to the role than played out animosity. She’s clearly having a lot of fun, and so am I.


I wonder how long Rebecca Mader’s make up takes.

Henry and Regina’s reunion was really sad, but also really touching.

I loved seeing Ruby again. It was nice of Meghan Ory to pop back in so we knew she was still floating around Granny’s.

Rumple is back! And he’s crazy, too?

He Said, She Said

Zelena: “I’m going to take everything away from you.”
Regina: “It’s too late. I’ve already lost everything that matters.”
Zelena: “Oh Regina, you haven’t lost anything yet.”

Regina: “The sleep curse wasn’t the answer […] I just needed to find something to live for.”
Robin. “And you found it? What?”
Regina: “The one thing I haven’t had in a very long time; someone to destroy.”

It’s still strange looking forward to what happens next, and not worrying about it. Finally the series is back on track, and with flying monkeys and green bad guys all around, it seems like there’s a lot more craziness to come.

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