Arrow 2×16 – Suicide Squad

"Is it because of the whole cheating, shipwreck, drowning, not drowning, you're back, she's back thing?"


This is going to be a mighty unpopular opinion, but Suicide Squad bored me to tears.

The reason behind my dislike of this episode is quite simple: I’m not really fond of Diggle as a character. Maybe Ollie’s bodyguard was fine during Arrow‘s debut season, but with so many explosive happenings this year (because seriously, this season has been fantastic), Diggle’s fallen off the priority list. There’s nothing about his character at the moment that excites me, and that’s a real pity.

The introduction of the iconic Suicide Squad from the DC mythos should have been a pivotal moment in the show’s run, but all of the team’s members have been so underdeveloped, that it felt like a half-baked idea. Do I really care about Deadshot? Bronze Tiger? And what about Shrapnel, who was killed off after 30 seconds of screentime? Nothing about the team was compelling, and I would have hoped the writers had learned from their mistake because coincidentally, the weakest hour of the season (before this one) was also a Diggle-centric hour.

On the bright side, at least we got some material pertaining to Ollie and Slade’s epic war. The highlight was definitely Ollie making his way into Slade’s office and watching a haunting video of Shado (how did Slade get his hands on it exactly). Sadly, there wasn’t nearly enough time devoted to this storyline, even though it’s at the center of the season (as opposed to Diggle’s boring shenanigans).

In addition, I didn’t exactly buy Laurel wanting Sara and Ollie to be happy. I get that she’s doing better now thanks to AA, but helping her ex-boyfriend hook up with her sister – whom he cheated on her with – was a bit much. Did this rub no one else the wrong way?

Bits & Arrows

– Epic teaser with Ollie visiting Alexi and pointing TWO guns at his thugs. If only our vigilante would use firearms more often.

– Yup, that was Harley Quinn in the A.R.G.U.S. prison. Does that mean we’ll be meeting other Bat villains soon? A guy can dream.

– Nice little gem with Sara telling Ollie to open up and insisting that she’s not so “easy” to kill. Foreshadowing much? Can you say bye bye Canary?

– I also didn’t buy Diggle wanting to save Deadshot (the man who killed his brother). Seriously?

– Clunky resolution with the implant removal. But, I don’t mind Lyla. I think.

– The ending was admittedly exciting with Ollie visiting Amanda Waller and potentially forming a pact to take on Deathstroke/Slade.

Starling Quips

Oliver: My mother sometimes enjoys a casual relationship with the truth.

A weak and underwhelming hour of Arrow. Let’s hope this was the last misfire of the season.

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