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Grey’s Anatomy 10×16 – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

“There's a billion people out there. But I imagine there's only one her.”


Review by Tagouga
This hour was all about happy endings, well almost – disregarding that final Jackson-April scene.

Cristina has set her mind on finding the perfect match for Owen, but he doesn’t seem to be as interested as she is in internet dating mainly because he already knows the woman he wants and she is one of a kind. I think Cristina feels guilty about spending the night with Owen and his breakup with Emma and this is why she is trying to fix him up, or it could be that she knows she might be leaving soon and she wants to make sure he will be happy.

On the other hand, Callie is mad at Derek for pulling the plug on their research and has hired an attorney for that matter. But all this turned out to be unnecessary as Derek, being the good guy that he is, already feels bad because he knows that he was being unfair to Callie. It is quite enjoyable seeing the two joining forces and standing up to the “bullies” and eventually winning the case.

Catherine Avery is back in the hospital and she is certainly not pleased. However, it turns out that she is not quite the monster that she appears to be. On the contrary, she seems to hit the right spot when it comes to the newlyweds. The two clearly had”t thoughts things through before jumping into marriage and apparently there is going to be trouble in paradise.

Bits & Scalpels

– Jackson didn’t know April wanted to raise her children as Christians. Seriously?! It’s April!!

– Alex finally convinced Jo to sign the paper giving her the most adorable reason to do so – “so I can kiss you whenever I want to”.

– Both medical cases weren’t as interesting to follow in this episode – although I really wanted to sympathize with the pregnant girl.

– Very cute touch with the post-it note against bullies – Derek seems to love post-its (Remember the post-it note wedding?)

– Grey is finally ready to go full throttle on her research. This should be interesting!

Grey Banter

Arizona: It puts the fun in fundoplication.

Cristina: She’s hot, right?
Meredith: Have you given up on men?

Callie: I’m talking to myself. “I hate Derek Shepherd”. Really? Why? “Oh, ’cause he’s an arrogant, stealing bastard”. I totally agree.

Callie: This is you.
Derek: I’m an asterisk?
Callie: No. You think you are the white-hot center of the universe. Also, it looks like a butthole. Either way, it works.

Callie: We overthrew the government today. We’re thirsty.

Must-Download Tunes
Le Tigre – I’m So Excited
Sam Smith – How Will I Know
Correatown – Something About You

Overall, I felt that this was a weak hour of Grey’s. Let’s hope next week’s Cristina-Centric episode will make up for this.

Tagouga Rating


  1. I actually enjoyed this episode; it felt like a feel-good kind of episode which this show doesn't do a lot anymore. By the end of the hour, almost everyone was happy and it felt refreshing for once. Totally agree about the Jackson/April thing though; how could he not know she wants to raise her children as Christians? Seems like there's gonna be some trouble in paradise for these two soon.

    I had no idea they're doing a Cristina-centric episode next week! Wow, I can't believe I let that spoiler pass by me! Can't wait…

  2. I actually agree with Tagouga. I found it very weak and boring 🙁 I've lost my interest in the show and that's SO sad after ten seasons. I don't know what happened but it's become terrible in my eyes. Such a pity.

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