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The Good Wife 5×15 – Dramatics, Your Honor

"When your men are trailing me and they're too far away to hear, just have them signal and I'll talk louder."


I think I’m in shock.

Episodes like this one demonstrate why I adore television. Dramatics, Your Honor is the perfect showcase of the medium’s power, and its ability to mirror real life and convey the harrowing horror that is a sudden death.

Truth be told, this was a routine episode until the shooting. The return of Hunter Parish as Will’s client was nothing out of the ordinary, with the requisite back and forth as the lawyers navigated the intricacies of touch DNA. It was far from engrossing, and then in the blink of an eye, Will Gardner, a character we’d grown to love over the course of five seasons, was mercilessly killed off in a violent massacre. Yup, that really happened.

Honestly, I’m remarkably impressed by this writing decision. The dynamic between Will and Alicia had gotten old, and this season did a fantastic job of adding a whole new dimension to their relationship by making them adversaries. I always imagined the show ending with Alicia and Will (they were the endgame couple in my eyes), so to kill off such a core character is a staggering and immensely shocking move. It’s been revealed since then that Josh Charles wanted off the show last season, and Julianna and the producers convinced him to stay on for one final story arc. This undoubtedly makes the bitter pill easier to swallow (it was the actor’s decision after all), but it doesn’t make the aftermath any less brutal. As Robert and Michelle King promised, it’s going to send every character into a whole new trajectory. I can’t freakin’ wait to see that unfold (although I’m preparing myself for one heck of a devastating tearjerker next week).

Quite compellingly, this episode demonstrated that just like in real life, we never pick the final moments with our loved ones, particularly if they suffer a sudden death. Thankfully, Alicia and Will’s final encounter was a positive one as she warned him of his client’s cold feet. Although the two got to share a laugh (thank God), I doubt Alicia’s motive at the time was so innocent; I definitely got the vibe that she was trying to stay on Will’s good side so he wouldn’t testify against Peter. But that’s what makes The Good Wife so darn nuanced and realistic; these character have so many layers and dimensions, making the show an absolute joy to watch and analyze.

Cases & Bits

– Lovely little moment with Alicia expressing how proud she is of her firm, before thanking Carey for convincing her to leave. He reciprocates by telling her that he’s seeing Kalinda. They then discuss her sexuality (HA!).

– I love Judge Thomas Politi. He’s so wonderfully mean and unsophisticated.

– Alicia voluntarily agrees to Dubeck’s deposition. When he asks her about Will, she incredibly tells him he’s “losing” his case for making things so personal. It’s an outstanding moment for our tough-as-nails protagonist.

– Before watching this hour, I was bombarded with headlines of a Good Wife bombshell. Naturally, I assumed it would be Kalinda when she told Will of her decision to leave work. I actually believed she would get shot and Will would survive, so imagine my surprise when we finally got a glimpse of his dead body (a sight I don’t think any fan will forget). Well played show.

– Diane breaking down at Will’s body broke my heart… to pieces.

– I’m not really a fan of Archie Panjabi, but she was hauntingly affecting this week; I completely bought her love for Will. And her walking into that courtroom was just enormously brave and heroic.

– The episode’s final moment was absolutely brilliant with Alicia answering Kalinda’s call. Next Sunday can’t come soon enough.

Last week’s episode is even more breathtaking in hindsight. Will’s impact on Alicia’s life can not be overstated. Gorgeous stuff.

Good Lines

Alicia: No it’s just that when you say you’re seeing her…I thought she was gay.
Cary: Bi or something.

A run-of-the-mill hour is elevated by a bold and gut-wrenching final ten minutes, unlike anything else on television. Jawdropping indeed, but the first half deprives the hour of a perfect score.

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  1. I just caught up with the episode this morning… over breakfast… I wanted to enjoy my relaxed morning with Good Wife, well it is safe to say I certainly didn't expect to have that kind of start of the day… I totally missed any indications in the media about Josh Charles leaving the show (if there were any), so for me it came out of nowhere. I couldn't believe they did it. I think I'm still in shock.

    Great review, Nadim!

  2. I went into this episode completely unspoiled and was, frankly, a bit surprised by how Will-centric it was at the beginning. The scenes with Kalinda and Alicia, while pleasant, felt a bit off.

    And then those gunshots rang out and my heart stopped. Seeing Will lying on the floor, I was so stunned that I couldn't breathe, but I somehow believed he would survive. I mean, what is this show without the endgame couple? The scene with the body and the final scene with a ravaged Eli pulling Alicia off the dais just killed me.

    Re-watching the episode, the Kalinda and Alicia scenes made me sob. What a lovely way to send off this character. As the show was just renewed, I am fascinated to see where they take it.

  3. Thank you Sol! Sorry about your morning haha. But at least you appreciated the shock and absolutely nothing about it was spoiled 🙂

  4. Nice to hear from you Chris. It's been a while 🙂

    I know it was such a traumatizing hour to watch. But I honestly can't wait to see where they take the show next. However, I am dreading next week's surefire tearjerker. God help us.

  5. Wow, this is McDreamy being killed off all over again, although I found it to be much more shocking and powerful here. What a realistic show. I'm just in shock. I always sort of knew he'd die before I started watching but for some reason I was certain it happens next season! And I imagined it going down very differently.

    I can't imagine where the show goes next after this 🙁

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