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Grey’s Anatomy 10×17 – Do You Know?

“Do you know who you are? Do you know what's happened to you? Do you want to live this way?”


Review by Tagouga
Finally the Cristina-centric episode is here and it didn’t disappoint. The hour presented two possible scenarios on how Cristina and Owen’s relationship could evolve. This was all triggered by a decision that a patient had to take: continue to live despite being paralyzed or end his life. Let’s review each scenario separately.

In the first scenario, the patient chooses to end his life. This pushes Cristina to confess her love to Owen and her desire to spend her life with him. Next we see the two buying a house, adopting a dog, and everything seems to be working out until we arrive to the point where the two are fighting over a possible move to Germany. This scene was the turning point in their life. Owen has grown tired of not having things his way and has accepted a job requiring him to leave the country. Not wanting to leave behind her home and trial, Cristina decides to give Owen what he wants: children! A pregnant Cristina was definitely weird to watch since it’s so out of character for her. The only thing that made this scene somehow believable is the fact that she confesses to Meredith, while giving birth, that she make a mistake. This whole scenario depicts how Cristina went out of her way to make Owen happy because even though she is not, his happiness is all that really matters to her. This new Cristina ends up leaving her trial for Shane to complete who eventually wins the Harper Avery Award. This first possible reality ends with a sobbing Cristina in a bathroom stool. Hence, even though she loves Owen and is willing to give him whatever he desires to make him happy, we can clearly see that this will lead Cristina to live a miserable life having changed a lot from the person that she sought out to be.

In the second scenario, the patient chooses to live. Here Cristina hooks up with Owen but makes it clear to him that she cannot give him what he wants to which he agrees. But of course, it is only a matter of time before Owen starts wanting more. In this scenario, we see the patient again as part of Derek and Callie’s study, a move suggested by Hunt. We see Cristina back in robot-mode solely focused on her career and disregarding people’s feelings. All the back and forth makes her eventually realize that she and Owen are only hurting one another, and she makes Meredith promise her not to let her get back to him for their own sake. To get over his failed relationship with Cristina, Owen becomes an alcoholic, showing up drunk to work and endangering patients’ lives, leading the board to fire him and ending with him begging Cristina to marry him. Next, we see a Cristina getting ready for a wedding? I definitely thought that at this point, she was waiting for Owen and the two were on their way to get married. But then Shane arrived! My reaction: Oh God NO!! Thankfully, he was not there to walk Cristina down the aisle but to give her a well-deserved Harper Avery Award. Now that’s a more plausible scenario.

Back to reality, Cristina ended up making neither choice and simply leaving things as they are. I think this episode was necessary to show that Cristina’s life with Owen will end up in misery in either cases and this will be one of the reasons that will push her to eventually leave the hospital.

Bits & Scalpels

– Nice touch with the visuals of the opening credits showing three versions of the title and hence incorporating the theme of the episode.

– In the second scenario, Bailey has a prime time TV show. Now that would be entertaining!

– In both scenarios, Avery gets his hand smashed and is deemed not suitable for surgery. Poor guy, I am glad Cristina manages to save his hand in reality.

– I loved the futuristic gadgets such as Meredith’s phone. That was cool.

Grey Banter

Alex: You got a dog?
Cristina: Yes.
Alex: Thing’s gonna be dead in a week.

April: Hey, who’d have think it? You and me… we’re belly buddies.
Cristina: No, we’re not.

Meredith: The kids outnumber the adults. Should’ve thought of that before we adopted again. I mean, what if there’s a mutiny? Derek and I will lose.

Sandra Oh deserved an episode centered around her character before her exit, and all in all, this was an interesting episode of Grey’s.

Tagouga Rating


  1. Hi Tagouga,

    I just saw the eppy this morning and you know what, I enjoyed it A LOT. Although it featured a lot of Shane (and we all hate those darn interns), I found it extremely insightful! It's a pity that both situations led to Owen and Cristina being so unhappy. I guess what you said is right about this pushing Cristina to leave. I really wish the darn show would end this year. I don't want it to continue without her (I know I sound like a broken record now!)

    Oh, and loved the touch of Cristina saving Avery's hand. And the iPhone? Oh my lord, perfection! I want it NOW!
    Also, how amazing were all the makeup touches to age Christina and Meredith? They felt very naturally aged. I was impressed!

  2. Very interesting episode indeed! At the same time, it was so heart-breaking. Cristina and Owen can't catch a break! Loved this episode, and saddened that we're getting closer to saying goodbye to Yang 🙁

  3. I am so glad you liked it as well. It feels good to have such an episode after a series of disappointing ones.

    The makeup touches were indeed very impressive!

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