Revenge 3×16 – Addiction

"The Emily Thorne that I know can do anything."


Better, but still not good enough.

I want to say I’m intrigued by the Pascal debacle, but the character still feels like a majorly superfluous addition to the show. Sure it was amusing to watch Emily and Victoria go head to head at poker (where Vicky faked a loss), but the show needs more forward momentum so close to the end. We’re three seasons in and it feels like Revenge is treading water. Yes we recently had a brilliant run of episodes, but unfortunately the show’s weakest installments are a frequent reminder of the show’s extremely limited premise.

As for our main arc, we at least got one fascinating reveal: TWM is in fact not The White-Haired Man (thank you Emily for also considering the possibility), but Aiden’s dad. While we already know that Aiden’s father was instructed to put the bomb on the infamous flight, I wonder what else will result from this development. At least this returns Aiden to the fold and hopefully brings his character arc to an end (he’s gotten remarkably annoying again).

Interestingly enough, I think I most enjoyed Stevie’s apology to Conrad. It’s not that the slimeball deserved it, but I liked the insight into their past and I actually fell for Conrad’s plot to swipe the deed. Was it really that simple? Because I so wanted to see Stevie throw Vicky out on her ass.

It’s a pity really because there came a time when I thought Revenge would upend its status quo into something different. Imagine Vicky and Emily working side by side to take down Conrad for example.  Instead, we keep going back to the original premise which has been stretched way past its expiration date. And with the fourth season probably on the horizon, the soapy drama’s creative prospects just don’t look very promising.

Vengeful Bits

– Victoria’s group of vultures (the gossip ladies) amused me. But what’s Morgan Fairchild doing on Revenge?

– God how I loathe Daniel. Writers, please kill him off soon, and make sure jealous Margaux and schizophrenic Charlotte join him. I can’t take these imbeciles any longer and I’m that much closer to slitting my wrists.

– Emily went all the way to Bermuda for a ten-minute convo with Aiden? Yeah that’s believable.

– Hilarious moment with Emily giving Daniel his credit card back.

– Emily and Victoria sure looked like divas at the charity event.

– So Javier kissed Charlotte, and it was beyond thrilling (sense the sarcasm people).

– Admittedly great little moment with Jack watching Stevie pour a drink for herself before dumping it.

– So can the writers actually commit to Vicky and Pascal now after their make-out session? I’d like to see the Queen in a stable relationship for once.

Devious Delights

Nolan: Javier my wannabe bestie, this is Emily – my actual bestie.

Pascal: You’re tracking her.
Victoria: I’m hunting her.

Better than last week’s flop, but still not the strongest of installments. I guess Revenge will always be destined to repeat it flaws; I just wish I’d stop getting my hopes up every week.

Nad Rating


  1. Tolda ya it wasn't gonna be good, Nadim lol. I loved Victoria and Emily's poker scene the most, and the way Emily sensed she was let to win on purpose.

    Also love that you call her Vicky! Haha! Hope Revenge does better this week.

  2. Emily looked stunning at the charity event. Can't say the same about Victoria and her hair.

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