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Grey’s Anatomy 10×18 – You Be Illin’

“Doctors make the worst patients.”


Well, would you look at that? An episode of Grey’s Anatomy that was actually good. It felt like one of the old episodes (minus Shane and the other annoying interns). The theme from You Be Illin’ was our doctors becoming the patients.

The whole flu storyline felt kind of interesting as it kept us wondering just how far our doctors are willing to work while they’re sick. None of the patients’ stories were that enthralling though, except maybe for Cristina and Owen’s, especially with the cliffhanger. Speaking of which, it was nice watching these two working together throughout this episode. A little kiss or wink would’ve been nice though; just sayin’.

Derek and Meredith were quite adorable again, and I loved how Meredith ended up taking over his speech—didn’t see that coming. Seriously, 10 years later, and these two are still the best couple on this show.

Jackson got sick at the beginning of the episode and disappeared throughout the rest of it, and for once I actually liked April here. Her conversation with Bailey in the OR about how to deal with their husbands was sweet, and how April took her mentor’s advice in the closing moments of the episode made me like her just a little bit.

Finally, a real storyline for Alex. I was intrigued when, in the “Previously on Grey’s” teaser of the episode, we were reminded that Alex was going to Hopkins two years ago and wondered how that would come up again. The job offer to have his own practice seems very tempting (I wouldn’t think twice if I were him) and when Alex returns to the hospital and sees the chaos and everyone sick, it felt like exactly what he needed to see to realize that leaving would be good for him. I’m sure Shonda will find a way to keep him in Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, but I’m rooting for this guy to find better things as well. Not outside the show, just maybe trying new things outside the hospital for once.

Bits & Scalpels

-The opening sequence with the camera focusing on our doctors’ hands and scrubs as the infection starts to spread was a nice touch.

-Derek practicing his speech on baby Bailey was adorable, more of that please!

-Rebecca Field was great in her guest-starring role as the mother of the sick kids. I also loved her in October Road.

-That nurses and doctors singing and dancing in the OR during Alex, Arizona and (new guy) Oliver’s surgery was not that amusing to me. Just like Alex, I found it weird and inappropriate.

Grey Banter

Meredith: I’m taking my son with me because I don’t want his first word to be hypothalamus.
Derek: There are worse first words.

Derek: I don’t get sick!

Arizona: I still got it. My superpowers are intact.

Bailey: You’re gonna wanna help him; he’s going to want to help himself. Neither of you is going to change. Get used to this argument.

Must-Download Tunes
Bootstraps – I Wanna Dance With Somebody
George Clinton – Atomic Dog
Magic Wands – Burning Up

A good episode of Grey’s this week; nothing huge happened but it was entertaining enough to keep us invested.

Chris Rating


  1. Yes that was a fun episode indeed! Interesting cliffhanger at the end, and I actually also liked the story of that kid with SCID.

    I liked “Dr. Butthole” but you are right that whole dancing in the OR was very weird.

    Great cover of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Bootstraps. I am loving these covers of 80's songs this season.

    And thank you for taking over this week's review 😀

  2. Yes, totally loving the 80s songs in this season! This show used to always provide good music among other things. I'm glad to see you enjoyed this episode as well!

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