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Once Upon A Time 3×15 – Quiet Minds

“He was willing to do anything to get back to you.”


Review by Panda
This episode made terrific use of several core relationships, while still maintaining the strength of the show’s new narrative, though some aspects fell a little flat.

I think Neal’s death was a big one for the series, but something about it didn’t quite fall as hard as it should have. Maybe it was his lengthy absence, but his death felt a little odd and came out of nowhere.

That’s not to say it didn’t serve its purpose. I think its left Rumple, Emma and even Henry in interesting places. Rumple, more so that the latter two will feel the brunt of this death, considering it was all an attempt to bring him back after he made the sacrifice he did to save everyone in Storybrooke.

I’m glad bringing Rumple back didn’t come without a cost. So many resurrections don’t feel earned, or completely undo the emotional significance that the original death had on the series (hello, The Vampire Diaries). In this case, however, I think the fact that it was a life for a life makes it all the more potent, and the fact that Rumple’s actions in Going Home can’t be taken away helps a lot.

It’s obviously amazing to have Belle reunited with Rumple again, as well. She doesn’t have a whole lot to do without him around, but for some reason I can’t think of her as disposable. I also really liked her in the flashbacks this week, outsmarting Luminer, though it was fruitless in the end.

Zelena’s plan seems to be going pretty smoothly, with her staying one step ahead everyone so far, both in flashbacks and in present day Storybrooke. Earlier this season it got seriously frustrating watching the petulant Pan constantly ruining every attempt the Charming crew made to save Henry, but I think the fact that Zelena works that much better as a villain is making it more entertaining than irritating.


– I thought the orange juice Zelena gave Snow was going to poison her. Maybe it will.

– What does she want with the Charming baby?

– I like that Regina and Robin’s destined love isn’t being forced upon us. I like how it’s been slow burning so far.

He Said, She Said

Neal: “You really believe in [Rumple], don’t you?”
Belle: “I love him. All of him. Even the parts that belong to the darkness.”

Regina: “A good witch covers her tracks, but a better one can uncover them.”

The poignancy of ‘Quiet Minds’ is unmistakable, despite certain elements not fully conforming. Marry that with the fact that things don’t seem as sluggish as they were, and the second half of season three is starting to shape up pretty well.

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