Revenge 3×18 – Blood

"At least you still have the bite of a stiff drink."


It boggles my mind how just a few short episodes ago, Revenge was on fire. Because this… this was just horrible. Blood genuinely made me question my love for the show with its filler subplots and boring developments.

This can not be overstated: Revenge NEEDS a new status quo. Let Emily finally (and successfully) exact her tediously drawn-out mission, and perhaps give Victoria a revenge plot of her own next season. If that’s too much to ask, let us simply bask in the aftermath of Emily’s warpath of destruction (should the show get that undeserved fourth season). It feels like we’ve been running around in circles for three seasons now with Emily’s empty threats and Vicky’s repetitive barbs. Where’s the momentum? Where’s the urgency? Because this ship ran out of steam a long time ago, and all we’ve got is a whole lot of nothing.

The writers tried to make us care about Aiden this week. Unfortunately, their attempts were far from successful. Disregarding the fact that Emily and Aiden hopped back and forth from London at the speed of light, the introduction of Aiden’s mother simply wasn’t engrossing. In addition, the revelation that Aiden was the one to discover his father’s dead body fell flat on its face. It’s a pity but I seem to have lost all attachment to Aiden (not that he was ever such a much-dimensional player in the grand scheme of things). Had ABC ordered a 12-episode season instead of a 22 hour one, we probably could have avoided this pointless and tremendously unnecessary subplot.

The less said about Pascal the better; he’s an absolute waste of airtime. In fact, so is Margaux, and Conrad’s recent machinations at Voulez. Why should I care about any of these characters and their useless motivations? 90% of Revenge has sadly become an utter chore to watch. As for the infamous Oscar Chapman, do we really need yet ANOTHER mysterious figure who might be linked to someone who knows something about the conspiracy? Good lord this needs to stop.

And finally, no more Stevie? Really? Gail O’ Grady was the best thing to happen to this show in ages, and the writers went on ahead and wrote her out? Do they WANT this season to fail? Couldn’t they have subverted expectations and had her not succumb to her addiction? Ugh. This show.

Vengeful Bits

– Victoria sharing so many happy moments with Pascal made me uncomfortable.

– Did anyone else laugh at Pascal’s pronunciation of the word “awkwardness”? No? Just me then…

– Well, at least Emily and Aiden are back together again. You know that can only mean one thing; Mr. Revenger is gonna get offed soon.

– If you needed any more proof that this was a terribly-executed episode, look no further than Mason using the broken mirror in his cell. Seriously, what prison would allow an inmate to own such a hazardous item? Do the writers think we’re imbeciles?

– So Mason came back. And Emily fake-killed him with face cream (yep you read that right), before shipping him off to an undisclosed location until it’s time for him to go public with her story. I guess that was a moderately intriguing development (Don’t judge me, I’m grading on a curve here).

– Victoria used to be a likeable villain, but dropping off the bottle at Stevie’s? Not okay.

– Charlotte and Javier: two charisma-vacuums the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Dump them both off a cliff. Now.

Devious Delights

Victoria: You look well Mason.
Mason: And you still lie, elegantly.

A dreadfully dull hour of Revenge and one of the show’s worst episodes ever. I think it’s time for ABC to fire the show’s writing staff and give Revenge an end date (a la Lost). Otherwise, by the time the finale comes along, no one will give a damn about Emily’s saga coming to an end.

Nad Rating


  1. Oh wow you REALLY hated this episode Nadim, lol. To be fair, I did not enjoy it either. BUT it wasn't a terrible episode. As a whole, it just didn't work. It felt like it could've been a good fine episode a long time ago, maybe a year ago but now it wasn't. Because like you said, we just need Emily to finish her revenge already.

    I agree about Stevie–she's the only good thing that's happened to the show in a long time and I enjoyed her scenes with Victoria.

    But the show just needs to end already.

  2. Haha Chris if I watched the show like you did so quickly and without SEASONS and WEEKS of agonizing waits, I probably would have just found it terrible. But please try to imagine watching this show on a weekly basis for three years. You lose absolutely ALL patience for the show, and a weak episode turns into an utterly horrendous one 🙂 Unacceptable!

  3. Hahaha okay, I agree. Just watching these past few episodes from week to week has made me less interested in the show, so I can't imagine going through seasons like that!

  4. Nadim I totally share your pain… I don't even want to comment on this episode, I mean Emily did absolutely nothing in this hour! Who cares about Aiden or Voulez at this point? God it feels like we've been waiting forever for Emily to get her Revenge!!! And in the meantime we had to deal with utterly boring and uninteresting plots and characters such as Declan, Ashley, Padma, Charlotte's Girlfriend, Tyler, Sara, the Ryan Brothers to name a few! And yes please let Charlotte die… a slow painful death… away from the cameras we don't need her stealing any more screen time!

  5. I agree with you this episodes was just dull. They've introduced way too many characters this season. It really takes away the excitement and intrigue away from the show. I'm really disappointed in the way that they've handled stevies character she was one of the only new characters that I liked and had such great potential. But yet they keep boring characters like margaux and her father forgoodness sake the more air time they spend on her the worse this show seems to be getting. I would give this episode an F worst episode to date

  6. Tagouga and Anonymous, God bless you both 😀 I'm glad to see you both detested this horrendous hour as well. And yes, SLOW PAINFUL DEATH for Charlotte and this was definitely the worst episode to date! Just terrible.

    P.S. All those characters you listed Tagouga, reminded me how much we've suffered as we stuck by Emily's S-L-O-W journey. Ugh.

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