Suits 3×16 – No Way Out

"If I'm a dirty lawyer, then you're looking at a mirror."


I’m beyond thankful that Suits‘ fourth season begins this June. This intriguing finale laid the groundwork for a brand new status quo that I just can’t wait to see more off. Come season four, Suits is going to be a completely different animal, and that’s a great thing.

The first half of this season was a chore to watch, particularly with the Ava Hessington case assuming center-stage. Thankfully, the second half shifted focus to the characters we know and love, salvaging an otherwise messy season. I applaud the writers for having Mike finally leave his law career behind. His “secret” had become a repetitive plot point which the writers frequently reverted to every time they were in need of some last-minute drama. Now that the slate’s been wiped clean with him starting anew as an investment banker, we get to explore a world of possibilities while still having Mike interact with Harvey and the gang (as a client). Brilliant move.

No Way Out provided us with some compelling insight where Harvey was concerned. Both Donna and Mike told him that he was a “good man”, a sentiment I found quite fascinating. This was naturally contrasted with the mother of all break-ups as Scottie probably had her final appearance on the show. I loved Abigail Spencer, but I don’t think she was utilized as well as could have been this year. Nevertheless, the breakup scene was appropriately heartbreaking and well realized. Plus, much like he’s been all year long, Gabriel Macht delivered a superb performance; this guy seriously needs some award recognition.

Pearson Bits

– Louis’ worrying about everyone’s health after his heart attack was pretty amusing.

– It would be a good idea for the writers to give Rachel an actual storyline next season. You know, she can do something besides react to Mike and his various life events.

– Lovely scene with Donna telling Jessica that Harvey became a better man by having to protect his protege.

– Super sweet scene with Jessica being there for Rachel. But it was slightly uncharacteristic of her, no? Still, I can’t praise Gina Torres enough; she’s a majestic performer.

– Loved Harvey telling Mike about his mother and her affair, culminating with him smashing the camera.

– Jessica and Harvey realizing that they’ve become Edward Darby felt like a very monumental character beat for both characters. But will they really change next season?

Firm Quips

Jessica: You don’t think Donna knows that Harvey can die?
Scottie: I know we got in a fight, but drinking before 10:00 a.m., is that really the answer?
Harvey: Is it for the guy on Mad Men. Who does he think he is anyway?

While it wasn’t the most explosive of season finales, No Way Out still set the stage for a whole new chapter in the show’s journey.

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