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Grey’s Anatomy 10×19 – I’m Winning

“She didn't win the Harper Avery. She earned it.”


Review by Tagouga
The phone finally rang and Cristina got nominated for the Avery Award. This was a great scene, reminding us of the good old days when the twisted sisters used to share stories on the bed, back when they were each other’s “person.” It was nice to see the two leave all their problems behind. Despite her jealousy, Meredith gave Cristina a pep talk and was there for her in her moment of need. It was particularly great seeing everyone in the hospital proud of their fellow surgeon. Predictably, Cristina went through her day and treated the nomination like any other thing, until that really interesting final scene on the vent: Cristina admitted that she did research the other nominees and that she thought she was the one who was going to win the award (We wouldn’t have it any other way).

At the hospital, last week’s medical cases continued to puzzle the doctors. Despite their best efforts, Cristina, Owen and Arizona were still unable to find out the cause behind the kids’ failing hearts. Bailey also struggled to find a cure for the bubble boy who managed to escape and run through the hospital. I was a bit panicked by this development but it didn’t result in any bad consequences; it was actually a quick and short scene.

Meredith wasn’t the only doctor jealous of Cristina’s achievement. Bailey had trouble with the issue and it was quite understandable. After all, she did mentor Cristina and the Avery award is one that all doctors dream of winning one day. However, and as always, Webber was there to help Bailey get through her bad moments. I just love seeing these two together.

Bits & Scalpels

– I must say I wasn’t totally annoyed by April this week. I liked the moments she shared with Jackson. However, with every episode we only seem to be heading closer to trouble in the marriage.

– Meredith and Derek continue to be the cutest couple and I especially loved how Derek teased Meredith regarding her jealousy.

– Bailey stealing Meredith’s surgery was hilarious! It reminded me of the time Chief Webber tricked Alex and stole his surgery.

– Nice moment with Bailey finally putting her jealousy aside and congratulating Cristina and commanding her to give a proper thank you – just like she once taught her.

– I think Alex made the right decision by calling Dr. Butthole but since he is most likely staying in the hospital, I am interested to see how this will play out.

– I still don’t like any of the interns although the swap monkey thing wasn’t that bad.

– Arizona and Callie are having another baby! I wonder who is going to be the pregnant one this time.

Grey Banter

Arizona: I need details. So, what did they say?
Cristina: Congratulations
Arizona: And then what did you say?
Cristina: Thank you.

Intern: Dr. Yang? I’m an intern here. I just want to say congratulations. You are totally gonna win.
Cristina: Are you from the future?
Intern: No.
Cristina: Then shut up.

Derek: I think you have a crush on my wife.

Must-Download Tunes
Sleeping at Last – Private Eyes
Clara-Nova – Maneater
Mree – Fame

Even though this wasn’t a great hour, it is episodes like this one that show how hard it’s going to be to say goodbye to Sandra Oh.

Tagouga Rating


  1. Just saw this episode. I think it was my favorite in a long time. I enjoyed everything from Cristina to the bubble boy (and Avery using his credit card to pay for the plane). Damn, I was hoping saying goodbye to Cristina would be easy since she was becoming so unlikeable. I love her again. 🙁

  2. I loved the song at the beginning of the episode when Meredith and Cristina spring awake with the alarm – it's “Maneater” which is a Hall & Oates classic tune, but this was a cover version by someone named Clara-Nova. Always love how Grey's continues to introduce me to great music…of course what happens next reminds us that Cristina won't be on the show for much longer, and I really wonder how many more episodes this show can go on without her. The Meredith-Cristina relationship has always been so important, I can't really imagine the show without it and sadly, I think it might be time to wrap up one of my favorite series ever.

  3. I totally agree, this show has the best music tracks! Cristina will be missed for sure, only 4 episodes left with her 🙁

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