Revenge 3×19 – Allegiance

"We both know that few sounds are sweeter than the crumbling of a fellow man."


I honestly don’t have much more to say about Revenge at this point. In its current state, it’s become a tedious and repetitive soap with few saving graces. How sad is that?

So many developments should have felt exciting this week: Conrad visiting Aiden, Nolan short-circuiting the lights and waging war on Daniel and Charlotte, Margaux embracing villainy – and yet, they all fell flat. I’m not invested in any of these characters which renders all their actions pointless.

As always, the David Clarke mystery got needlessly convoluted with the introduction of Luke whatshisname. Thankfully, this was somewhat salvaged by the reveal of Victoria orchestrating the entire plot to confirm her suspicions concerning Emily. Although that was surprisingly ambitious as a plot point, it did not make sitting through the episode any easier.

On the bright side, I’ll admit that Allegiance‘s final scene was one of the single best sequences this show’s ever produced. It started with Emily crossing out Luke’s name with her trusted red sharpie of doom (in glorious slow motion), before transitioning to a black sharpie as we saw Victoria in Pascal’s lap. Sure Vicky might not know Emily’s identity yet, but she knows her goal now (“It’s revenge… for David”) and that’s bound to yield a whole new status quo. I can’t stress this enough: I am sick of the current one with Emily and Victoria’s endlessly repetitive tirade of barbs and fake smiles. However, I’m not going to get my hopes up for next week; I’ve been disappointed by Revenge far too often.

Vengeful Bits

– Does no one else find Javier’s program to be eye-rollingly unbelievable? Kill me now.

– Oliver Martinez is a terrible actor. Seriously.

– Aiden and Nolan visiting Oscar Chapman (disguised as a woman) bored me to tears. Oh, and Aiden’s dad was in fact murdered. How riveting.

– So Luke getting poisoned by the real chemicals didn’t even kill him? Really?

– I was shocked that Pascal actually did the dirty work and shot Oscar Chapman. Dude’s got gut.

– Emily’s hooded black figure message to Luke on his laptop was laughable and cringeworthy.

– Part of me is praying for Revenge to get cancelled just so I don’t have to put up with Margaux on my screen next season (she’s been upped to series regular for some inexplicable reason).

Devious Delights

Nolan: Why the Aiden face?

Luke: (to Victoria) Hypocrisy is alive and well and living in the Hamptons.

While the final scene was a stunner, the rest of Allegiance was a hot mess.

Nad Rating


  1. i disagree with you about the nolan scene that was awesome. as for the rest of the episode excluding the final scene it was a hot mess. to be honest ever since the show got back from the break its been getting progressively worse. i just cant stand margaux or her father too much air time is being spent on them and not to mention theres just waaaaay too many,new,characters this second half of the season its making the show boring. theres no focus on the,main cast anymore and the show has just pretty much become repetitive. its sad how these writers are destroying the show. i guess like you said hopes,that it will end this season,because i can,guarantee that its just going to get,worse in season 4.

  2. Ugh, I am so getting sick of this show. The last scene was great of course and Nolan scaring Charlotte and Daniel was kinda awesome but viewers want to be satisfied when they watch a show!! And this show is far, far from being satisfying anymore.

    Sadly, I feel like I am really done with this show. Reading your reviews on The Good Wife lately, I feel like I should binge watch the whole thing instead of wasting my time on Revenge.

  3. this is what emily vancamp tweeted “to all revenge fans out there just read the script finale and you will not be disappointed. epic end to the season”

  4. Yes that final scene was great! Seriously Margaux as a series regular? Why?!

    I loved how Nolan referred to Charlotte as “this one”

  5. From the beginning of this show, I've thought that it would be better as a mini-series or just a single season with a planned ending. The show was at its best when it was just about a girl who was exacting revenge on those who framed her father. We could have avoided all of these superfluous subplots and characters (and the name “the initiative” would still be available for a future JJ Abrams show). The show could have been a tightly woven, red pen x-ing, revengefest where Vikki and Conrad received their comeuppance years ago. We of course would be left loving it and demanding more. It’s too bad that show runners and network execs don’t have the intestinal fortitude to do such a thing.

  6. Haha Dustin your comment about JJ Abrams and The Initiative made me laugh. Everything else you wrote – perfectly stated! Looking forward to reading more of your comments in the future. Thank you!

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