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The Good Wife 5×17 – A Material World

"Oh dear God. Would everyone just stop thinking I'm falling apart at the frickin' seams?"


Let’s start at the very end, because those final five minutes were downright astounding.

I am of course referring to Alicia and Peter’s heated and hurtful exchange, as it was spectacular to watch the two articulate feelings that had been bubbling beneath the surface for five seasons. The fact that Peter called Alicia a “selfish bitch” after she confirmed that her affair actually “mattered” was shockingly awesome. Moreover, the culmination of this epic battle felt very organic and true to the characters; Alicia proclaimed that she wouldn’t divorce Peter for professional reasons, but that they wouldn’t be together anymore. Wow. Suffice to say, this was a definite turning point for The Good Wife. Well done show, you never cease to amaze me.

Truth be told, A Material World did an astonishing job of delving into Alicia’s psyche after Will’s death. It was fascinating to watch her lash out at others, Peter in particular, for constantly asking her if she was alright. And watching her sulk around in bed for days on end? Let’s just say that Julianna Margulies can break my heart like no one else can.

Thankfully, I kind of love Finn and Alicia’s dynamic. Matthew and Margulies certainly have great chemistry, and I’m eager to see their relationship further evolve. Although Finn does mention that he has a wife, I’m curious to see if these two ever become a couple in the future. But of course, I’ll always reiterate the opinion that I want Alicia to ultimately end the show as a single, successful and completely content woman after an arduous journey of self discovery.

David Lee has rightfully assumed his place as the villain of the piece. Of course “villain” is a strong word as The Good Wife‘s various characters are terrifically layered and multi-dimensional. Nevertheless, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who didn’t feel like punching David after his underhanded tactics this week. The guy is the epitome of a villain you love to hate.

Sadly, Kalinda continues to be the weakest link in a show that’s firing on all cylinders. Writers, I wholeheartedly recommend Kalinda for the top spot the next time you feel the urge to kill off one of the show’s regulars. If you insist on keeping her, can you have her do something besides sleep with Carey or one of her random FBI chicks? This is getting old, and I refuse to let a negligible character ruin what is an otherwise phenomenal show.

Cases & Bits

– How marvelous was that cold open with Diane and Alicia getting drunk together after the funeral. The “two mistresses” were wonderful to watch, particularly as Alicia finally confessed to Diane that she always wanted to be like her, and a routine joke about a potential merge turned into a possible reality. Truly it was one of my favorite scenes ever on the show.

– Carrying off Alicia and Diane’s incredible dynamic, I loved watching the two amicably take over and handle David and Carey’s divorce negotiations. And when David criticized Diane? She promptly moved his office. Epic.

– Awesome little moment with Carey telling his witness to sit up straight and not look embarrassed as her sex tape played.

– Badass lawyer moment with Alicia using the witness’ own philosophical book against him.

– How bizarre was it to see Grace’s dancing friend again? Still, I loved Alicia practically hyperventilating in the snow until she spotted her.

– So Kalinda finally got rid of smug Damian? Good. His character ultimately went nowhere.

– The murder show Alicia was watching in bed creeped me out to no end.

– Kalinda had one brilliant moment this week; she got slapped 🙂

– Loved Finn innocently running into Peter on his way out at Alicia’s. Kind of awkward no?

– Although I think we’ve seen enough of Louis Canning, David Lee calling him in the episode’s final moments definitely holds promise. Can Diane now jump ship over to Alicia and Carey please?

Good Lines

Diane: David I have some advice for you: whenever you’re tempted to bring up Will’s death and credit my behavior to it… resist.

David: You’re no Will Gardner; you’ll only hurt yourself trying to be.
Diane: (laugh) Well then fasten your seat-belts; we’re heading for a lot of hurt.

Peter: You didn’t lose a child. You didn’t lose your husband.
Alicia: I lost my husband a long time ago.

A dark and tremendously engrossing hour of The Good Wife. Outstanding.

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  1. Can Alicia/Diane please get together and take over the show? Their dynamic is by far the best thing about it right now. I'm so fascinated by these two women.

    LOVED Alicia and Peter's screaming match at the end. Alicia telling him that while his affair didn't mean anything, HERS did was astounding.

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