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Grey’s Anatomy 10×20 – Go It Alone

“Your god is like our hypothetical deaf child. It's not real.”


Review by Tagouga
As the Avery Award Ceremony drew near, nothing worked as expected with Cristina. Not only was her speech far from ready, but she lost her drinking buddy (after Meredith got caught up with work), and the health of her heart patients began deteriorating one by one. It was actually interesting to see Cristina spend the night before the ceremony looking out for her patients instead of focusing on herself. And although she made everyone believe that she was fine being on her own, Cristina realized she didn’t want to be alone as she arrived to the event. Luckily, both Meredith and Owen were waiting for her at the table. And that’s when I realized that Cristina was actually going to lose. I am not sure what Shonda’s reason behind this is, but I was disappointed. I really wanted Cristina to win the award she had been working so hard to get.

April and Jackson finally had their big fight and while it was predictable that they fought over April’s beliefs, it was very believable and realistic. The two clearly jumped into marriage without thinking things through, and have begun realizing that they have more differences than they originally thought.

Meredith and Derek are obviously over their heads between Derek’s new project, his teaching, their surgeries’ schedules, Meredith’s research (is that still on?), and the children. However, the two did manage to get things under control and I am really glad they managed to avoid a fight. Rather they both acknowledged that they need to figure things out.

Last week’s medical cases continued. The kids’ hearts deteriorated and all three were placed on the transplant list. However, the doctors still haven’t figured out the reason behind this. As for Bubble Boy, Bailey was able to disable an HIV virus which she was going to use to build the boy’s immunity (award material stuff). It was quite refreshing seeing Bailey excited about her job again.

Bits & Scalpels

– Cristina almost asking April to help her with her speech was hilarious!

– That scene between Alex, Cristina and Meredith was perfect. I miss seeing these three together.

– It was nice seeing Ben make an appearance – even though he spent most of the time sleeping. Sometimes I forget he is a resident there.

– I was really hoping Murphy would make a mistake and get kicked out of the program.

Grey Banter

Owen: Vodka is writing your Harper Avery acceptance speech?
Cristina: Tequila

Cristina: Tomorrow, everything changes. I won’t have time to talk to you. I’ll be too busy being better than you.
Meredith: Good thing it’s not gonna go to your head.

Cristina: Do I have to do that thing where I acknowledge the losers? ‘Cause I have like five minutes. I don’t want to waste it on people I don’t even know.

Meredith: Alex, you’re still here?
Alex: Night shift. You’re still here?
Cristina: Yes, we’re all still here, obviously.

Must-Download Tunes
Sleeping at Last – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Cary Brothers – Something About You (feat. Laura Jansen)
Aron Wright – Everybody Want To Rule The World

An excellent hour of Grey’s. Next week, Derek’s sister Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) is making an appearance. Having a Shepherd visit town is always bound to cause some drama.

 Tagouga Rating


  1. Totally agree. Best episode in a LONG LONG time. Heartbreaking that Cristina lost. And Tag, didn't you love “Everybody Wants to Rule the world” by Aron Wright? It closed the episode and it was glorious in my opinion. And I loved “Every little thing she does is magic.” Downloaded both!

  2. Another amazing episode! Wow Grey's has been on fire lately and it's been so entertaining to watch.

    Loved your review 🙂 and that song at the end. The trailer for the next episode is riveting!

  3. OMG I actually downloaded the song but totally forgot to include it in the review! Of course I loved it and it was a perfect fit for that last scene.

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