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The Good Wife 5×18 – All Tapped Out

"I may be a scumbag. But hey, I'm your scumbag."


Much like Arrow, The Good Wife is having one heck of an exceptional season. In fact, I’d be remiss if I didn’t proclaim this twisty, complex drama to be the single strongest show on television at the moment. It’s absolutely stunning.

Although I enjoyed the whole NSA arc with the geeks spying on Alicia and her family, I was glad to see the storyline come to an end. It was fascinating to see Alicia uncover the truth, culminating in Peter’s ruthless handling of the situation. His phone-call with the Senator in which he brought up an uncompromising past concerning “Westgate” was downright genius. It’s a testament to the show’s writing staff (as well as Chris Noth’s performance) that Peter can still remain so likable after everything that’s happened thus far.

Finn Polmar continues to be an excellent addition to the cast. Having Alicia defend him was interesting enough, but making him partly responsible for Will’s death (since he placed Jeffry in general population), was inspired. Even moreso, Alicia didn’t exactly hold it against him – which is a superb example of The Good Wife avoiding needless drama (other shows would have made this development a focal point).

The episode’s final scene was particularly intriguing with Alicia visiting Peter after last week’s immense blowout. Alicia thanks her husband, then very professionally begins to pencil in their public appearances (much like she would a business transaction). The sequence is immaculately directed, with the camera slowly panning out into the hallway as we continue to hear the fractured couple converse. Wow.

Cases & Bits

– So Louis Canning’s firm has merged with LG and he now considers himself the “new Will”. Naturally, Kalinda almost smashes his head off with Will’s baseball.

– Alicia had a number of badass moments this week. First she called Grace in an attempt to get the NSA whistleblower to confirm the wiretap, then she put the NSA on Louis Canning’s trail by asking the lawyer about Al Qaeda. And finally, we can’t forget her brilliant “going down” barbs at the State’s Attorney as she aggressively defended Finn. Seriously, could I love this woman more?

– Eli bowing down to Peter was an epic moment. Peter definitely earned it.

– Charles whatshisname getting called by various Muslims (who the NSA naturally assumed to be terrorists) was hilarious.

– Superb continuity with the six million dollar lawsuit still hanging over Alicia’s head.

– I love that this hour showcased how ruthless Alicia and Peter could be when cornered. The parallels between them this week were marvelously drawn.

Good Lines

Canning: You’re fighting me. It’s not gonna work if you’re fighting me.
Diane: Said the rapist to his prey.

Eli: You’re monosyllabic these days.
Peter: Yeah.

Finn: Well you woke up didn’t you?
Alicia: Oh yeah, it’s time to kick some ass.

Another week, another stellar hour of The Good Wife.

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