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Once Upon A Time 3×17 – The Jolly Roger

“Don’t you just love a good twist?”


Review by Panda
I liked this episode a lot. It was a relatively low key episode that didn’t start out as something radically important to this season’s arc, but finished as one of the more pivotal moments in the season so far.

Maybe not so important in terms of big fantasy action, but definitely an emotional turning point this year, The Jolly Roger managed a lot for such a little character driven episode. Hook’s turmoil at being thrust back into his old life raises a number of questions about that missing year. We saw a lot of characters slip back into their old lives, but, with the exception of Regina, Hook was the first to really struggle with it in light of all that had happened before their return.

The angle taken was an interesting one, with Hook choosing to fall back into his old ways rather than listen to Ariel and continue on the path towards the anti-hero of the Enchanted Forest. Back in the present we see him living with the guilt, and actually making his second chance count, even though helping Ariel was just a ploy by Zelena.

It was a little ridiculous, but Zelena’s trick was one of the first twists in a while that I didn’t see coming, though it was an unbelievably roundabout way of getting at Emma. Zelena wanting her power gone isn’t unusual, since we’ve known for a while that she’s got a lot of potential, potential that Regina is finally nurturing. I wonder if Emma will be floating and repairing more than foot bridges by season’s end.

She may be powerless to help, if Hook gives in to Zelena’s persuasion. We know what the Wicked Witch’s end game is, but right now there are so many parts to her plan that it’s hard to tell how it will all come together.


Ariel kind of bugged during the flashbacks, not as appealing as she usually is. I’m guessing we probably won’t be seeing her around again, now that she’s gotten her happy ending. She didn’t really get to do much post Neveralnd, which is a shame.

I love that everyone knows that the Charmings are dull. And risking your grandchild’s life doesn’t make you fun, it makes you stupid guys. Just FYI…

He Said, She Said

Ariel: “Being good is nothing to be ashamed of. People change. Look at me, I have legs and I fell in love with a human.”

What I’d like to see now is all of these pieces starting to fall into place. There’s still ample time left in the season for that to happen, but hopefully we won’t be left wanting for much longer.

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  1. The episode was so good but man, poor Hook! And now, I´m dying to know how this season will end.

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