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Grey’s Anatomy 10×21 – Change of Heart

“What's the point? What's the point of anything?”


Review by Tagouga
She should have won! While Cristina Yang had the most votes, hailing from Seattle Grace Mercy Death ultimately screwed her over. Everyone had a hard time coping with the loss of their fellow surgeon: Meredith lashed out at anyone with the last name Avery, Cristina was nowhere to be found, and Webber flew across the country to see Catherine. It’s there that we discovered that due to the hospital’s affiliation with the Harper Avery foundation, no surgeon from Grey-Sloan memorial will ever win the Harper Avery award.

As if this was not enough, Cristina’s heart patients suffered this week as Frankie’s matching heart failed and Ivy’s health deteriorated. With both girls in critical condition and only one heart available, Cristina was forced to make a decision on who gets the heart – I was under the impression, given previous episodes, that UNOS were very strict about who gets the transplant. In all cases, the heart ended up going to Ivy while Frankie sadly passed away. Although this was pretty heartbreaking, it felt good having medical cases which we cared about; it had been a while since we had memorable patients. All of this, along with the loss of the award, led Cristina to make the difficult decision of leaving the hospital in a very powerful final scene. At the end, she realized that while she did the best she could in both cases, everything still went wrong and she just couldn’t see the point of anything.

In the second ongoing medical case, Bubble Boy’s mom had a change of heart and decided that she was not sure if the doctors know what’s best for her son. And even though she signed the consent to move forward with the procedure, she later backed out. However, Bailey seems to be determined to go through with the disabled HIV injection. Is this legal? Should the mother have her decision in writing? This will not go smoothly for Bailey.

Bits & Scalpels

– Derek’s sister was pretty useless in this hour. Let’s hope she gets more screen time in case she stays around for a few episodes.

– Alex informed the board of his decision to leave (which won’t really happen since Justin Chambers signed a new 2-year deal with the show).

– April is pregnant. I really tried to care but I don’t.

– Anyone else hate Russel? I actually forgot he was head of cardio surgery.

– Poor Jackson. He was the guy everybody loved to hate in this episode.

Grey Banter

– Meredith: The children broke your sister.

– Meredith: Tell them that if they cut my funding, I cut their tires.

– Meredith: Cristina Yang deserved that award, not Dr. Nobody Sucks a Lot from Hopkins. And tell them in short sentences with little, tiny words, because they are boneheads!

– Callie: Kepner, get out of my vagina!

Must-Download Tunes
Joy Williams – Ordinary World
Joe Gil – What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy)
Aron Wright & Jill Andrews – We Built This City

The show has been on a roll and this episode did NOT disappoint! Next week is Isaiah Washington’s return, and I believe he is going to be offering Cristina a job at a place where she would finally be able to win an award. Can’t wait!

Tagouga Rating


  1. One of my favorite episodes of all time! The entire episode was so interesting and amazing, it really felt like the old Grey's we fell in love with.

    I can't wait for Burke's return! Should be interesting!

    Meredith was amazing in how she warned April to stay away from her because “she was an Avery, by association”. My FAVORITE scene!

  2. Hahah OF ALL TIME Chris? Have you forgotten the greatness Grey's was capable of? Hopefully the “Terrorism” finale will remind us because I haven't seen true greatness from the show all year long 🙁

    As for this hour, I liked it, and I must admit that they are handling Cristina's departure well. I wondered how they were gonna make it believable at the beginning of the year but now her exit makes sense particularly after losing the award (as well know Cristina's ego can't handle such a blow).

    Tag, there are three amazing 80's covers from this season that I can't seem to find anywhere and it's driving me nuts.

    Bootstrap – I wanna Dance With Somebody
    Sam Smith – How Will I Know
    Aron Wright & Jill Andrews – We Built This City

    Have you had any luck finding the mp3s? Because they're beyond stunning!

  3. I downloaded I Wanna Dance With Somebody from and been listening to it ever since 🙂

    Yeah I realize I was too excited about the episode but it really was great in many aspects. Perhaps not Season 2-great, but still good nevertheless.

  4. Haha thanks I found City and Dance. All that's left is “How Will I Know” which everyone is going crazy for and can't find. Ugh…

  5. @Nadim please don't remind me. Sam Smith's song is driving me nuts, I can't find it anywhere and I checked his upcoming album it is not there as well!!! Remember what happened with “All of Me” but at least we had the Live version for that one to keep us going until the album was out. I really really want this song :@

  6. Tagouga you read my mind about the All of Me comparison! I do hope SOMEONE releases it soon before we lose all hope and are sick of the thought of it by the time it comes out!

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