Revenge 3×20 – Revolution

"The only guarantee in a revolution is that the innocent are the first to fall."


I feel like I just watched a cartoon.

That statement isn’t meant to be an insult; Revenge would surely soar if it would just embrace its whacky side and go all out with nutty bombshells and vicious plot twists. After all, such gimmicks would surely distract us from the show’s inherent failings and the multitude of missteps it’s taken since its stunning debut.

Honestly I’m surprised Revenge went on ahead and made Conrad a full-on murderer. Sure the snake’s responsible for a ton of deaths, but they were always pretty indirect (or off-screen at least). However, there’s no coming back from watching him physically shove Pascal (thank God) into a spinning helicopter blade. But perhaps the show needs Conrad to assume his place as the certified Big Bad; it just might be the shot in the arm this lazy thriller needs.

The other development of note was Charlotte’s kidnapping by the David Clarke zealot. Ordinarily I wouldn’t give a Charlotte subplot the time of day (I’d rather watch paint dry), but something tells me Emily is responsible since she made it clear at the end that her “new plan” is a risky one. As far as I’m concerned, anything that ties Charlotte into the main plot is a smarter decision that having her run off on her own for some meaningless diversion. But don’t get too excited people, this is Revenge after all, and we should never get our hopes up.

Vengeful Bits

– Nolan wanting Emily to be Rose Nyland made me smile. Raise your hand if you were a fan of The Golden Girls.

– Emily playing Homeland Security made me laugh and I don’t think that’s the reaction the writers were going for.

– Nolan’s standout moment: manipulating the MyClone demonstration with the Sarajevo massacre nod. Pure evil – loved it.

– Conrad’s face getting splatted with blood was a darn cool visual!

– I guess Victoria howling over Pascal’s body was kind of sad. But he never really had much of a personality to begin with (so his wedding proposal didn’t move me either).

– Margaux is CEO now that daddy’s gone. I think I’ve made my hatred towards her pretty clear by now. Moving on.

– Ever since Daniel shot Emily, I’ve had the intense urge to smash his face into a wall. I really can’t stand the brat anymore. Season finale causality anyone?

Devious Delights

Conrad: I thought your imminent departure would bring me solace, but oddly there’s another sensation kicking around inside me.
Victoria: A burst appendix, I hope.

While it had its moments, Revolution wasn’t nearly as gripping as it should have been.

Nad Rating


  1. conrad would make a good main villian. its ashame.that these writers have done absolutely nothing with his character all season. revenges problem is that it just focuses on all these useless sideplots that have nothing to do with the plot. the show does have a lot of potential to shake but the writers just chose not to take advantage of the potential this show has. as for charlotte i have to say her getting kidnapped may be the most interesting thing that shes ever done in this entire series. all in all even though this episode was better than what revenge has been in these last several weeks im still keeping my expectations low for the next episode and the finale.

  2. I had the same reaction while watching Emily playing Homeland Security. I do believe she is the one responsible for Charlotte's kidnapping, I just wish we can have her dead by the end of the season.

  3. What a waste of time! This show is really starting to get on my nerves. And if they do end up pulling a “David Clarke is alive” thing at the end of the season, consider me Revenge-free. No more for me.

  4. Thank God all of you agree. I'm always afraid I'm being too hard on the show but it has devolved into an utter mess!

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