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Revenge 3×21 – Impetus

"Everyone leaves."


Good lord, that was jawdropping.

Revenge is one hell of an inconsistent show. The past few episodes have been particularly terrible, and yet this hour was an utter game-changer. How can I possibly ever stop watching when so much potential still lies beneath this soapy exterior?

I can’t believe it finally happened: Conrad has been exposed and is now behind bars. It’s a gigantic move from a show that, until now, has been content with circling the same darn status quo for three seasons. Let’s please take a moment and reflect on the glorious scene in which Victoria opened the doors to Grayson Manor (in slow motion) as the cops made their way inside and arrested a resigned Conrad. Simply mindblowing. And the icing on top? A victorious Emily visiting Conrad in jail and revealing that she did it all in memory of David and Amanda Clarke. But she’s not finished yet, because there’s still Victoria. And Conrad’s response (“Godspeed“) gave me chills. Phenomenal.

Speaking of Emily, Van Camp’s reaction to Conrad finally getting exposed on live television was EVERYTHING. A sublime mixture of glee, fear, sadness and everything in between – this was the actress’ most magnificent acting moment in the entire show’s run. Pure perfection.

And how great was it to see Victoria get so proactive for once? After deviously getting her hands on baby Carl’s DNA and comparing it with Charlotte’s, she’s seemingly discovered that Carl doesn’t have Clarke DNA (seeing as how his supposed mother Amanda was lying). Will Victoria finally uncover Emily’s true identity next week? I sure hope so; I can totally see Emily completing her mission next week and Victoria hellbent on revenge in season four with Emily on the defensive. Call it wishful thinking.

Even the “love triangle” between Emily, Aiden and Jack took a fascinating turn this week. Aiden had his greatest scene ever on the show as he basically insinuated to Jack that he would let Emily go for him. Naturally, the writers complicated things by having Aiden and Emily engage in a passionate lip-lock before Jack at the end. Alright then, who here thinks Aiden will be killed off next week? At least he got a spectacular final showcase.

Vengeful Bits

– Charlotte’s fake beatdown and ear-slicing was somewhat satisfying no?

– Emily bringing up the time Nolan called her a robot – epic.

– If only I actually liked Charlotte, it would have been even more powerful to watch her get overwhelmed by the David Clarke scandal in a roomful of TVs. However, the inclusion of Amanda and Declan in the videos added a great sense of urgency to the hour.

– Emily putting Jack and Aiden down for being “heroes” (see below) and implying Charlotte is a sheltered brat was a heavenly moment.

– Loved Emily sneakily calling Nolan at the station during her questioning.

– Aiden attacking Daniel was definitely worthy of cheers. Awesomeness.

– I kind of liked the vibe between the detective and Emily. Will we be seeing him again in the finale?

– How terrifying was Conrad unleashing all hell on Charlotte? This was undoubtedly Henry Czerny’s finest moment ever on the show (that seems to be the theme this week). His words were beyond sick and twisted, and the reveal of Emily orchestrating everything right down to Jack helping Charlotte escape (and the satellite trucks) leading to the live stream of the speech was just marvelous.

– Love the touch with Victoria elegantly playing the piano before Conrad’s arrest. Her face-off with his really is one of the show’s best gems ever. And how HOT did Madeleine Stowe look this week? Damn.

– So who is the David Clarke stalker and why does he have his ring? Believe it or not, I’m supremely intrigued.

Devious Delights

Victoria: Sleep can wait Daniel. I have vermin to stalk.

Nolan: Let’s bag some Graysons.

Nolan: I mean seriously, do you and Aiden flip a coin for who runs the creepiest errand?

Emily: Wow. Where were you two heroes when I was nine years old being dragged out of my house by men with guns, thrown into the foster care system?

Nolan: What’s the first thing you’ll do as Amanda Clarke?
Emily: You know it always stuck with me that time you implied I was a robot. Emily Thorne is a machine – that’s why I created her. I had to find a way not to feel. The truth is… I have no idea who Amanda Clarke is anymore.

Victoria: Bye Conrad. Do rot in hell.

Aiden: Conrad was defeated. Revenge is yours.

Shocking and confident, Impetus is not only the finest episode of the season, it’s also one of the greatest hours Revenge has ever produced. And we still have one more episode to go? How was this not the season finale? Absolutely incredible.

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  1. “How was this not the season finale?” —exactly what I was thinking.

    This was the most satisfying episode of Revenge ever. There were a few things that bugged me, like the thought that “she could've just kidnapped Charlotte all along and this would've been over?” But I let that slide because this was a phenomenal hour.

    “Godspeed”: ahh that gave me the chills too!! Jeez, this show can be freaking insane and awesome when it pulls its head out of its ass! (Or something making much more sense, I'm just too excited about the season finale!)

  2. After three years of watching the show, I must agree that this episode of Revenge was extremely rewarding. I am really curious to see what mischievous plans Victoria has for Emily. I would love to see some rekindled romance between Jack and Emily. Although this episode was impeccably done, I believe that this show has overstayed it's welcome in the TV industry and its sad to say that I won't feel sad to see it go.

    P.S Can Emily finally behead Marguaex? She is constantly annoying.

  3. It definitely overstayed its welcome Dana. That's why this episode surprised me so much 🙂

    And your beheading comment KILLED me. I'm definitely rooting for that development!

  4. Spectacular hour!

    Loved Aiden punching Daniel – it was about time someone did! Now, if only it was possible for Charlotte to share the 'beheading fate' with Margeaux!!!

    Great review, Nadim!

  5. Wow! That was definitely one of the most intense episodes of Revenge.

    Having Conrad confess all his crimes live on television was brilliant. I love Henry Czerny as the Big Bad, his performance was beyond perfect.

    Yes Van Camp's reaction to Conrad finally getting exposed was some great acting. She absolutely nailed that scene!

    Now that Emily's secret will be out in the open, I also believe there is potential for excitement in the Hamptons in the next season although given the inconsistency of the show I am not getting my hopes up.

  6. Around the time that Jack discovered the Charolette “kidnapping”, I became so irritated at the show that I stopped watching… about 4 months ago. Last night, I dragged myself back, kicking and screaming, to finish it since it is expiring on Hulu. All I can say is WOW. The rest of the episode truly floored me. So great to see some resolution instead of the Grayson's getting away again. As soon as it ended, I immediately cued up the next ep.

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