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Grey’s Anatomy 10×22 – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

“You're leaving.”


Well this was totally unexpected! Burke’s return definitely got me thinking that he was back to offer Cristina a job, however I did not expect him to offer her an ENTIRE HOSPITAL. Let’s replay the events that led to this development.

After much encouragement from Meredith, Cristina finally agreed to take a trip to Zurich for a presentation on her conduit trial. However the last thing she expected was to see and have her ex-fiancé question her during her speech. Let me just say that this scene was so beautifully executed — the way Burke’s voice echoed through the room, his face appearing from behind the shadows, and that priceless look on Cristina’s face. The only thing that would have made this moment more perfect for me was if we hadn’t known of Burke’s return; that would have been a true shocker!

It turned out that Burke was the one responsible for flying Cristina to Zurich to show her what he had been working on. His offer didn’t impress Cristina at first, and neither did the surgery he asked her to attend. But then, he showed her a hologram of the patient’s heart – how cool was that? This innovation got Cristina’s attention; after all, her dream was to print a functional heart and Burke had the printers to do it, and the funding needed for her research.

After a lot of thinking, Cristina finally decided to turn down Burke’s offer. And her reasons were valid; how could she work with the guy that walked away and broke her? Nevertheless, Cristina finally got to confront him and get some much needed closure. It was great having Burke admit that Cristina’s love was all very consuming; the two obviously could not work together. But then Burke revealed something very unexpected: he was married with kids, and he did not want Cristina to work for him or with him. Instead, he wanted her to take over his hospital so he could move with his family to Milan. THIS is what Cristina deserves. THIS is the reason that would make Cristina leave the hospital; Burke gave her an offer she could not refuse. All in all, this storyline is absolutely perfect as it paves the way for an exit that Cristina’s character truly deserves.

Bits & Scalpels

– The Willy Wonka Comparison was a perfect fit for the situation.

– It felt good seeing how the surgery of the conjoined twins got all the surgeons working together hand in hand. I missed such medical cases.

– Callie actually considering the name “Agamemnon” was hilarious!

– One of the residents will be fired soon. Most probably it will be either Shane or Leah since both are out next year. My money is on Leah, and Shane will probably end up working for Cristina.

– Will Bailey get away with proceeding with the disabled HIV injection? The mother did sign the consent after all.

– Alex walking up to Jo at the bar reminded me of the scene where Meredith, Cristina, George, and Izzie were at the bar and Alex walked in and gave Izzie the kiss she was longing for. Although… the current residents are in no way similar to our favorite gang.

Grey Banter

Cristina: This bed is like a giant’s bed or something, if a giant were rich and liked weird-shaped pillows.

Burke: I didn’t think you’d respond to an invitation from me given the circumstances of our last interaction.
Cristina: Me in a white dress and you fleeing the state.
Burke: Well, a follow-up to that is delicate.

April: What about Phoebe if it’s a girl?
Jackson: Phoebe Freebie? Slutty. Uh, but, uh, cute.

Cristina: You’ve been following my work?
Burke: You’re gonna tell me you haven’t been following mine?

Cristina: Everything I have ever wanted is here… except he’s here.

Must-Download Tunes
Amos Lee – Like a Virgin
Caught A Ghost – Like a Virgin
Sophie Koh – One Thing Leads To Another
Vassy – You Get What You Give

Bringing Burke back for Cristina’s farewell was a brilliant move. This episode definitely lived up to my expectations.

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  1. Grey's Anatomy is my favorite series and I'd just like to say that I love how you write about it! You do it much justice, and i enjoy reading every piece (although this was a spoiler for me because I'm still on episode 20, but what the hell, i couldn't resist not reading!)

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