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The Good Wife 5×20 – The Deep Web

"I'm spinning mom; I can't stop."


Perhaps this was a perfectly fine hour of The Good Wife. But when the standards are so high (practically every episode this season was magnificent), the average hours seem like duds. Sorry Alicia.

The notion of Alicia taking a day off is one that’s ripe with potential, but I’m not sure that the writers managed to milk it for all its worth. Sure we got a hell of a gem with Alicia trying to watch television at home (the wires, the remotes, the buffering), but her scenes with mommy Veronica weren’t entirely satisfying. That’s not say Julianna didn’t break my heart during that sob-fest, but I didn’t totally buy her sudden existential crisis about being a lawyer. And what about Nestor Carbonell’s guest starring appearance? First off, the guy’s still as creepy as ever (Thank you Lost), but his chemistry with Alicia was pretty bizarre. Or is that what they were going for?

Sadly, the machinations at Lockhart/Gardner also fell a bit flat this week. Maybe it’s because it’s all getting a tad too repetitive with Diane sensing her position might be in danger and sending Kalinda to investigate, but I kind of just want Miss Lockhart to ditch the ship and jump on over to Alicia and Carey’s firm. And what of Canning’s supposedly impending death? How weird was that?

Thankfully, Finn Polmar is still a delight to watch. I’ve always been fascinated by the political element of The Good Wife (when executed properly), and it was great to see Eli coach Finn through his interviews. Here’s hoping Polmar becomes a staple of the show going forward (and more scenes with Alicia please).

Bits & Cases

– Badass moment: Diane casually strutting by her secretary’s desk and firing her.

– Beautiful sentiment with Diana mentioning that she sometimes feels like she’s channeling Will’s ghost.

– The case of the week (Silk Road) was dreadfully dull. Never again!

– So I take it we’re to assume that Veronica always has a boyfriend in tow and never enough time to dedicate to her daughter?

– Why does Canning call Diana “Alicia” by mistake? What was that supposed to imply?

– Was Alicia watching porn? Or some bizarre pseudo-sexual documentary thing? Sometimes I feel like I’m too dumb for this show.

Good lines

Diane: I feel like I”m channeling Will’s ghost.
Kalinda: Well then take care of him.

Alicia: I don’t know what to do.
Veronica: Oh baby nobody does.

A somewhat dull and unexciting hour of The Good Wife. But it’s okay, the masterful drama is allowed an off hour here and there.

 Nad Rating


  1. Nad- I am new to The Good Wife. I was hoping that this week's episode would provide an answer to who is behind Silk Road. Do they not tie in stories from cases in following episodes?

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Not always. A lot of times the cases carry on through several episodes, but often they are just cases of the week. It doesn't look like the Silk Road mystery will be answered. I haven't watched this week's episode yet but don't expect answers for everything on The Good Wife. They REALLY like to keep things ambiguous. How much have you watched from the show? Just this season? Glad you're enjoying it 🙂

  3. I wouldn't be surprised they bring it back some other time. It's just a matter of time, and sometimes, yes, they just cut it off without solving anything.

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