Revenge Season Finale

Revenge 3×22 – Execution

"Loyal to the bitter end - that's a beautiful sentiment... and an even better epitaph."


I don’t even know where to start, because that was inspired.

First off: Aiden’s positively harrowing murder. Honestly I was tremendously taken aback by how this development came about. I’d been anticipating the Brit’s death for a while now, but I never imagined we would see Victoria physically suffocate him with a pillow. This brutal act certainly erased any ambiguity Victoria had left (much like Conrad’s vicious murder of Pascal a few weeks back), and it unequivocally positions her as the show’s full-on Big Bad. Sadly, this move also renders Victoria pretty unlikeable (part of me always maintained somewhat of an affinity for the evil Queen). But now? She’s just despicable, which made the episode’s final sequence all the more satisfying.

Yes, I am of course referring to Emily hatching yet another one of her brilliant plots – this time institutionalizing Victoria in the very same asylym that traumatized our heroine as a child. Watching Victoria howl the words “She’s Amanda Clarke” endlessly was a haunting sight, punctuated by Emily’s badass final strut (ushering in a new era for the show). Simply put, Revenge managed to flip its entire status quo on its head. This had been my dream for quite a long time, and the show will undoubtedly come back as a completely different beast in season four now that the Grayson saga has been completely exposed (and David’s name has been cleared). Which leads us to….

David Clarke is A-L-I-V-E. This is certainly a jump-the-shark- moment, and I honestly feel like it should have been avoided. Doesn’t this twist completely undermine Emily’s agenda and the entire show along with it? I know that’s what the writers were going for, but I don’t exactly seeing it working because it feels like we were invested for nothing. Nevertheless, I will reserve judgement regarding this bombshell until the show’s return next year. On the bright side, the move was well executed with David Clarke revealing himself on the highway and fatally stabbing Conrad. Herny Czerny you will be missed, although I think we had enough of you. Plus, you got a great swan song by buying your way out of prison decked out in Priest-garb. Hilarious.

Sadly, Execution wasn’t perfect. It’s unfortunate really, but the writers evidently still have no idea how to handle Charlotte. Wouldn’t the character and the show improve tremendously if Charlotte finally discovered Emily’s identity? Having her cause trouble on the periphery is extremely frustrating. Instead of feeling riveted by her ratting out Jack to the authorities, I was pretty much rolling my eyes the whole way through. Oh Declan, why didn’t you take your irritating girlfriend with you?

Although they didn’t get too much screentime, I also hated Daniel and Margaux’s subplot as they dealt with the arrival of her brother Gideon. I must sound like such a broken record, but Revenge does NOT need so many new characters popping in and out. It pains me that the writers are oblivious to this incessantly recurring misstep. Am I supposed to be intrigued by Gideon and Nolan setting up Daniel as a prostitute-killer? It just feels like a distraction from the main plot. Again, it would do the show a hell of a lot of good to kill off Daniel and Charlotte (and this week was the perfect opportunity).

Finally, let’s take a moment and reflect on Emily VanCamp’s downright phenomenal performances the past two weeks. I completely bought Emily’s proclaiming that she was finally “ready to love” although it was sadly far too late. The sequence in which she stumbled onto Aiden’s body was just remarkably powerful. Aiden’s open jaw, his terrified look, Emily’s screams – it was all stunningly realized, and VanCamp’s work was masterful. Give this girl some awards.

Vengeful Bits

– Emily’s fight with Vicky’s David Clarke stalker might be the single most impressive fight scene the show’s ever done. Kudos.

– The manner in which Victoria murdered Aiden was admittedly brilliant. She has Dr. Michelle poison him (leading to his paralysis), before choking him to death. One fascinating moment in between: Aiden lunging at Victoria and her retaliating with a desperate plea (Do it!). I guess Vicky has a death wish after all.

– Terribly sad touch with the tear streaming down Aiden’s lifeless body.

– Haunting moment with Victoria hearing Emily’s screams from Grayson Manor.

– Heartbreaking scene: a lifeless Emily draped on her bed and telling Nolan that she never really loved anybody besides Aiden. Did anyone else kind of want the IT whiz to give her a hug? Would have been perfect.

– Fascinating touch with Emily letting the authorities believe Aiden’s death was a suicide so she could handle the matter herself.

– Series highlight: Emily slamming Victoria across the face with a shovel. Seriously, that moment was three seasons in the making and it was freakin’ glorious.

– So Charlotte figured Jack was the “kidnapper” after he touched her? Good lord.

– Loved Emily threatening Dr. Banks and ensuring her help in the episode’s final scene as they both turned the tables on Victoria.

Devious Delights

Conrad: Bless you, my son. The riches of heaven surely await you… in your checking account.

Emily: I love him. And I never loved anybody.

I so want to give Execution an A+, but Charlotte and Daniel’s storylines prove that this finale fell short of perfection. Nevertheless, this was a sensational and intensely riveting hour. And for the second week in a row, it’s one of Revenge‘s finest episodes ever. What a comeback.

Nad Rating



  1. People just keep coming back from the dead on TV, how amusing lol! David Clarke's resurrection was my least-favorite thing about this episode. It was basically a huge WTF moment, especially since Emily's been plotting to prove that her father is innocent for so long and then he just came back and BAMN, he murdered Conrad! Not so innocent anymore, are we?

    Victoria said something to Emily that truly wowed me, “Your father and the man I remember are not the same person”. This could be an amazing way to start things fresh in Season 4 if the writers hopefully make it right. Making David a completely different person than what Emily remembers could be a good thing.

    Other than that, that was one helluva finale. Don't know just how much we can get our hopes up, considering our history with Revenge!

  2. Excellent catch Chris about Vicky's line. I totally forgot about that. You're right it's quite fascinating; imagine if they make David a full-on villain who manipulated his daughter to take out his enemies all her life? It could be pretty twisted and awesome, but I doubt the writers would be that brave. You never know…

  3. – Emily whacking Victoria with the shovel was very satisfying! And sending her to the psychiatric ward where she was originally held was a brilliant move!

    – I have stopped caring for Aiden for a while now but his death was actually sad.

    – I definitely think bringing back David was a mistake. Emily was finally able to clear her father's name, Conrad was behind bars, and Victoria was locked up in the psychiatric ward and then suddenly David is back. So what the hell were we rooting for this whole time? Emily's LONG journey was all about avenging her dad while he was laying low somewhere? So unless they wanna go with your scenario Nad about him being a full-on villain who manipulated his daughter to take out his enemies, I don't think this was a smart move.

    – Should I even mention Daniel, Margaux, Gideon, or Charlotte? Not only these characters are useless but they are pretty annoying as well. And that plot about Daniel being a prostitute killer? That was laughable. Let's just start Season 4 with these characters mysteriously dead, we don't even need to know why and how. Just move on as if they never existed. That would be fine by me!

    – And is Conrad really dead?

  4. The bombshell Revenge writers dropped on us this episode is pure mind rape. Is David Clark actually alive? Regardless of this jaw-dropping moment, can we please discuss the two insanely freaky deaths that happened this episode? I was completely disturbed by Victoria's vicious act (However, I'm not so sorry to see Aiden go). Could the scene of Conrad walking in the woods and David showing up behind him get any freakier? I'm giving Revenge writers a standing ovation because they surely kept me on my toes this episode.

    Charlotte continues to be an unwanted extra on the show.
    As for the LeMarchels, Margaux already pisses everyone off. So the writers decided to include Gideon? (THANK GOD HE DOESNT HAVE AN ANNOYING ACCENT)

    I have so many ambiguous interpretations concerning David Clark’s resurrection, but we can only wait to see what Revenge writers have planned next.

  5. I thought this was a pretty good finale only downside was David clarke is alive. I hope that this twist is handled well cause if not it could potentially destroy the show, its a pretty risky move the taking.

  6. Throwing in a wrench:
    Nadim, what if, the whole ep was a dream? hehehe. (well, at least a portion of it)

    I am very much anticipating the opening season ep that Revenge writers do every time a season starts. πŸ™‚
    And on how the series writers will clean all the mess they did. (gleefully rubbing hands πŸ˜€ )

    Love the shovel bashing, long time coming.

  7. Haha I love your idea about their mysterious deaths. I would so love that Tag. Love that we still hate all the same characters! I'm always afraid I”m being too harsh on certain characters then I read your comments and I'm relieved πŸ™‚

    And thank God I'm not the only one who was kind of annoyed by the David reveal!

  8. “Mind rape”. I love your sarcasm Dana. And “unwanted extra” couldn't be more perfect πŸ™‚

    Thanks for commenting Dandoun. I'm glad you're still watching the show. It became so darn good again towards the end of the season. In fact, I enjoyed the last two episodes more than Scandal (which was previously kicking it ass over the past year). Go figure.

  9. Hahhah I hate when they blame it on a dream. Thankfully, that never happens anymore on our favorite shows.

    And yes the shovel bashing. We need a Youtube video of that on loop!

  10. Ok, hate to not be on the let's hate on the majority of Revenge Wagon but I for one absolutely loved this season and LOVED the season finale!

    I don't think David being alive is a bad move. I think it could be the start of something very interesting on this show. What if Emily had us all fooled this entire time? There is a scenario in there that none of you seem to have mentioned and that is that some of the characters might have known about David this whole time. Nolan? Victoria? Might be a long shot but Emily? I for one would not be surprised if Season 4's flashbacks are full of reveals.

    I already read a few things about Season 4. The showrunner said and I quote “Season 3 finale was a game changer” and Season 4 is going to be “different”. Possible rumors are that Victoria herself will be narrating this time around.

    I hate to say I delayed catching up on this season because I was mislead by all the negative comments and I am glad the show proved those comments wrong in my opinion.

    Revenge from the very beginning was a high octane soap opera, it echoes Dynasty. I like the internationality of it. The French, the Brits. Ok, Season 2 was a mess, but I know many shows with crappy Season 2's. Anyway, I am loving where the show is headed and can't wait for what comes next!

  11. First, when Jack touched Charolette's shoulder in the last episode, I totally saw it coming that she would discover that he was in on it. However, I'm rather disappointed that I didn't see Aiden's death coming, since he and Emily were so lovey dovey / it's over/ we can finally be happy together. In a show like this, that almost always means that the love interest is doomed.
    I was quite mad when Conrad walked out of prison, but he got what he deserved. Fitting endings for both Conrad and Victoria. πŸ˜‰ As for David Clarke's return – I don't like it at all. Every bad deed that Emily has commited has been predicated on her daddy being an innocent man who was framed. A man who sent her messages telling her not to give in to revenge. If he's been alive this whole time, then that means that those messages were a total manipulation of his daughter, since he could have easily revealed himself to her and taken her off her mission. He let her do his dirty work. He seems to be behind Conrad's release and he killed Conrad. Add to that Victoria's statement about the man she knew not being the man Emily thought she knew. It all changes the premise of the show back to the pilot and makes him someone worthy of taking the fall just like any of the other baddies in this show.

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