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Grey’s Anatomy 10×23 – Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right

“Don't leave me until you're leaving me.”


Guest Review by Tagouga
We are getting closer and closer to saying goodbye to Cristina Yang, one of my personal favorite characters on Grey’s Anatomy. In order to find a new head of cardio, Hunt asked Cristina to carry out candidate interviews herself. Mer pointed out that this was an attempt by Owen to show Cristina that none of the applicants (which he screened earlier) were a better fit for this job than Cristina. Although this actually was the case, Owen soon realized that it was the right step for Cristina to leave the hospital and pursue her dream. His asking her to stay until she actually had to leave was utterly heartbreaking. I am so not ready to say farewell to this character, and the way that she handled those job applicants was hysterical!

Elsewhere, Bubble Boy was finally ready to go home. However, once his parents found out the real reason behind his quick recovery, they decided to press charges against Bailey! Unwilling to stand by and watch, Stephanie made a bold move and decided to take the blame so Bailey could continue with her procedure and other patients could benefit from the treatment. Is it me or does it seem like Bailey has been getting a lot of negative storylines lately? I really miss the Nazi!

Bits & Scalpels

– Amelia decided to stay in Seattle. Given how Meredith and Amelia are on good terms now and how she is about to break up with her boyfriend, it seems we will in fact be seeing more of her next season.

– Derek is planning a move to D.C. after meeting the president himself. This might actually happen. After all, they had Cristina move across the country for almost half a season!

– It turned out that Leah was in fact the one who got fired. Thank god for that!

– With Callie unable to carry another baby and Arizona initially not wanting to get pregnant, the pair will not be having their second baby. I am glad Callie did not push Arizona to carry the baby; that wouldn’t have ended well.

Grey Banter

– Callie: Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Must-Download Tunes
Claire Guerreso – Tainted Love
Imperial Mammoth – Dance Hall Days
Brock Tyler – Jump (For My Love)

This episode was a bit weak in my opinion and felt only like a preparation for Cristina’s farewell. Next week’s is the season finale, can’t wait to see how that one will end!

Tagouga Rating

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  1. I agree, this was indeed a week episode. I enjoyed Cristina and Owen's interactions but almost everything else felt out of place. I can't seem to care about Callie and Arizona's storyline for some reason. They need some better writing, fast!

    As for Derek's final surprise, it sounds interesting but I'm not hopeful that it'll end up being that good. Can't believe tomorrow is Cristina's final episode 🙁

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