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The Good Wife 5×21 – The One Percent

"What do I call you when I'm talking to other people? Is it crippled or handicapped or what is that other word.. Challenged. Isn't that the word? Do you like that?"


Maybe they’re just revving up for one heck of a mindblowing finale?

The Good Wife has had such an incredible year, that I’m willing to let these past few hours slide. But let’s hope they bring out the big guns next week because this is one season that deserves to go out with a bang!

I’m not exactly sure where Peter is heading as we approach the finale. I wasn’t too pleased with the episode’s final scene and the insinuation that he was about to indulge in his tempting intern. Hasn’t the character demonstrated considerable growth over the past five seasons? Or do the writers insist on showing us that he’ll never really change? Whatever he does, it’s bound to cause some amusing drama, but hope it doesn’t throw years of character work out the window.

I loved Eli going to Alicia and displaying genuine care over her relationship with Peter. These two have always had an unorthodox yet lovable bond, and it would be great if the show further explored their dynamic. Alan Cumming and Julianna Margulies possess that kind of easy chemistry that is far too rare and valuable.

I was certain Diane was being primed to leave Lockhart Gardner in favor of Alicia and Carey’s firm, but it looks like she’s going to stay and fight her way through David, Canning and the rest of the mutineers. Bringing Rayna Hecht to LG would have been an excellent move, but the writers obviously wanted to break Diane down even further. Thankfully, no one backs Christine Baranski into a corner. I feel a powerhouse performance coming.

Bits & Cases

– My favorite scene of the hour: Peter’s reaction to the State’s Attorney trying to blackmail him with pictures of Finn leaving Alicia’s apartment. What does Peter do? He throws TWO drinks in the scumbag’s face. Just epic.

– Finn’s hair – weird. Or maybe it’s normal now.

– Hilarious moment with Eli telling Lauren the intern to stay 50 feet away from Peter.

– Kalinda and Carey are sleeping together again. And the latter is dumb enough to still talk shop in front of her. Can we please pursue a fresher storyline here?

– Although the Paisley case-of-the-week was unmemorable, I enjoyed all the jury machinations. The highlight was the consequence of Alicia’s “racist” interview as she mixed up the various black guys and got a glare full of daggers from one of the jury members. I believe this is the second time that Alicia has been called a racist recently. Are the writers trying to tell us something?

Good Lines

Eli: Okay if this were a normal conversation, I would now make fun of you for saying Lauren the intern is “people”.

Eli: Is this about Will dying?
Alicia: This is about everything. I’m just tired. I’m just done.

Eli: Are you sleeping with Finn Polmar?
Alicia: Ask me another question.
Eli: I don’t have any other.
Alicia: Then go to hell.

An amusing albeit forgettable penultimate hour from The Good Wife.

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