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Girl Meets World 1×01 – Girl Meets Boy

“It’s not your world’s still my world.”


Ah, they’re back. Well, sort of.

Ever since I heard the news of a Boy Meets World sequel coming to life (back in November 2012), I got really excited. The show was an inspirational hit when I was growing up, and one of the few ‘90s shows that I still gladly watch in reruns on a late Sunday night. So the thought of seeing Cory and Topanga on my screen in 2014 seemed like a fan-fiction dream come true.

With this news though, came the dread that the new show might stink. While it still hasn’t aired on the Disney Channel (June 27), the pilot was released on Disney Now and can be found online.

There’s definitely a sense of nostalgia while watching Girl Meets World – seeing Cornelius (I just love saying that) and Topanga together on screen brings back beautiful flashbacks – but the entire show screams “Disney”.

The horrible, horrible laugh-track plus the tacky dialogue, the wacky characters, the very bright colors, the clothes and a lot more were just too “Disney” for my taste. Obviously, it had to be because unlike Boy Meets World, this show is aimed more at kids under the age of 15. I can’t see it going down the same road BMW took (no pun intended) simply because its predecessor tackled many serious issues and was more about life lessons than this show can possibly ever become. Also, how many times do you have to say the word “world” in the first episode? That was very lame.

Maybe BMW’s entire first season was just as goofy and Disney-like as the first episode of GMW, so that would mean the show could possibly become a hit (although I just can’t see it going that way). Either way, little things like the character of Farkle Minkus (yes, Minkus!!) was handled hideously. He was just an annoying little kid trying to be funny, but that scene with him randomly jumping on Cory’s back was beyond frustrating.

It helps that the lead character, Riley Mathews (C & T’s daughter), is likeable (but only a little) and her best friend, Maya (the new Shawn), is interesting enough to give this show another chance, but I only kept watching because I wanted to see more Cory and more Topanga (seriously, where was she during the rest of the episode?).

Luckily, they knew how to wow us with that final cameo appearance of Mr. Feeny, a scene that was incredibly moving (and has to be for any BMW fan) regardless of how short it was. That five-second moment made the entire episode worth it.

Quick Thoughts

– The opening song “Take On The World” is very catchy!

– So Cory and Topanga also have a son named Auggie who was barely seen in the first episode besides a small scene with Riley.

– Anything with Riley and Maya trying to talk to the new boy Lucas (obviously the love interest for Riley) was cringe-worthy.

– Many old faces will return for GMW including the much-anticipated return of Shawn (this shall be good!), Cory’s parents and brother, Stuart Minkus, Harley and Fee-ee-ny!

– I really thought Topanga became a stay-at-home mom, which is what it seems like from this episode, but Wikipedia says she does become a lawyer at that New York City law firm we heard so much about in the BMW finale! I’m a sucker for continuity, and so far this show is doing it well.

– So this episode was filmed in front of a live studio audience and yet we still have to bear that awful fake laugh-track? Why do you do this to me, Disney?

– The opening scene was actually amusing. Great choice having Cory and Topanga show up right from the start and all those years later, these two still have undeniable chemistry!

I admit the only times the pilot was somehow amusing was any time there was a Boy Meets World reference. All the other times, this was just a typical unwatchable Disney comedy.

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