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Suits 4×01 – One, Two, Three, Go

“Louis, Winter is Coming.”


Review by A. Snow
When season three ended with Mike basically leaving Pearson Spector and taking Spidwell’s job offer, many Suits fans were nervous of too much change. I am here to tell you that change was definitely a very very good thing for this show. Bust open the champagne, Suits is back and on fire!

The teaser or opening scene of the premiere had us all trying to figure out who is sleeping with who and reminding us how sexy this show is. Yes, you heard me right. Not only do I believe that this show has some of the best writing, but it is also one of the sexiest shows on TV. I literally yearn to enter the world the characters live in and sit at their cool table.

The writers wasted no time in immediately parading Mike’s brand new confidence and his new job. But almost immediately we are shown how brutal Mike’s new world is. The show introduces us to Mike’s version of Donna … seriously new girl you got nothing on Donna.

Now that the show has two worlds, investment banking and Pearson Spector, the pace of the show has quickened and the countdown to those two worlds colliding has begun. It is going to be an epic battle between Harvey and Mike and I for one am on the edge of my seat waiting for it to happen.

The witty dialogue is another great aspect of this show and it gives Suits a very unique style. Every time Louis throws out a Game of Thrones reference I laugh my head off, so Katrina joining in the fun was fantastic so that Louis was not alone. Personally, I like the “Latrina” relationship. Yes, I just did that. It’s light and fun and adds color to the show.

I am excited for the complications between Mike and Rachel. Conflict is of utter importance in any story and that couple needs conflict before they get boring (they’re hinging on crossing that line).

Pearson Bits

– Louis and Katrina are so fun to watch that they need their own spin-off … maybe a webseries.

– The fashion styles on this show is just mouth watering. Seriously, does anyone on this show NOT have a good sense of style?

– Mike vs Harvey… ‘nuff said.

-Rachel’s affair comes to light and the only way Suits does it.

-Jessica in a relationship with a colleague…this is bound to collapse and not in a good way.

Firm Quips

Gillis: Why good?
Mike: Because a yes is always so much better when it starts as a no.

Mike: That’s bullshit. This deal is solid.
Sidwell: No, what’s bullshit is you’ve been here for three months. All you’ve done is hit singles, and I need a goddamn home run.

Mike: I’ll be in my office. Get back to me by the end of the day.
Donna: Wow. Looks like our baby boy’s all grown up.

Louis: Is it a certain S.E.C. beast whose name happens to rhyme with schmeff schmalone?
Katrina: Schmess it is, and schmess it does.
Louis: Well, schmuck me.

Mike: I guess it is. You think we need to lay out some ground rules?
Harvey: Rules? In a knife fight?

Full of game changing scenes, the season premiere of Suits definitely reignites the show and reminds us that this one will be around for a while. When you watch an episode of Suits, the hour flies without one noticing and the ride is never boring. I am definitely excited to see the evolution this season will bring.

A. Snow Rating

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