Devious Maids

Devious Maids 2×13 – Look Back In Anger

"So our maid will be living in a our ten million dollar New York apartment? The neighbors will be thrilled."


The reason I watch Devious Maids is simple: it reminds me of Desperate Housewives. It’s nowhere near as finely-crafted, nuanced or affecting, but it’s a diverting slice of entertainment that hits the spot when you’re in need of some brainless fun. While the show started out on the wrong foot, it soon evolved into something pretty enjoyable, and thankfully this finale kept that streak going.

The finale’s biggest and most intriguing development was the reveal that Nick was in fact responsible for the death of Adrian and Evelyn’s son. It’s a twist that actually surprised me for once, and it allowed the writers to take our characters into some dark and compelling places. It’s no secret that Rebecca Wisocky and Tom Irwin are two of the show’s strongest performers, and they did wonders in that climactic and powerful scene that felt like it was two seasons in the making. Although I have no idea if Nick will continue to be part of the show, I’m excited to see the Powells forge a much stronger and deeper bond now that the truth is out in the open.

Less successful was this year’s season-long arc with the gang of thugs shooting up Beverly Hills. I’m just not a fan of young actors taking up space, particularly when they’re not so blessed in the acting department. However, Ty’s final attack at least gave us a heck of a cliffhanger with a brutal shooting (and a bouquet of bloody roses). Here’s hoping the show takes a risk and kills off a bunch of characters by the time the season three premiere comes knocking.

Bits from Beverly Hills

– I want to say I care about Spence marrying Rosie but these two do absolutely nothing for me. Still, it was at least hilarious to watch Rosie fire Carmen, although I think the writers missed a huge opportunity here by not making Rosie her friend’s boss next year. That could have been a comedy goldmine.

– Did the Powell flashback remind anyone else of Desperate Housewives? It felt so very Mary Alice, particularly with the creepy ethereal musical cues.

– Well Pablo sure is greedy with his kidneys. What will Genevieve do now? The writers better not even consider the possibility of killing off Susan Lucci. She’s the show’s MVP as far as I’m concerned.

– I like Javier, and I was really glad to see Zoila return to to him at the end. Sadly, the latter is pretty unlikeable 90 percent of the time. Echoes of Lynette Scavo here.

– Carmen telling the guy on the phone that he has a thick accent made me laugh. This woman genuinely feels like the heir to Eva Longoria.

– I think the character of Sebastian might be good for the show; Gilles Marini has an easy chemistry with Roselyn Sanchez, and I enjoyed the twist of his wife being the talent agent.

– What ever happened with Didi and Lucinda? That kind of fizzled out huh? I enjoyed those two immensely this year.

– Does Valentina’s New York internship mean she’ll be leaving the show for good? A guy can pray can’t he?

– So Rosie’s first husband is still alive. How predictable.

– Zoila’s pregnant? Really? Must we suffer through a cliche who’s-the-father storyline? I expect more from Marc Cherry and Eva Longoria.

Devious Digs

Zoila: Marriage is exciting inst it?
Marisol: Yeah it is. Now if you’ll both excuse me I have to turn my husband in to the police.

Adrian: I keep wondering how in God’s name we manage to outlast so many other couples. I think it’s our sense of humor.
Evelyn: Oh, I was going to credit our high tolerance for adultery and perversion.

Zoila: My Pablo is giving you a kidney? He doesn’t even like sharing the remote.

Zoila: Why do you have to be so damn wonderful?
Javier: I could get angry. Break some dishes.
Zoila: And now you’re being adorable. Stop it.

Rosie: If there’s anything at all that we can do for you, please let us know.
Carmen: I’d love to keep living here.
Rosie: So give it some thought and get back to us.

Piano player: I don’t do heavy metal or discounts.

Evelyn: Maybe they even sacrificed virgins with it.
Adrian: You know me so well.

Adrian: I think of Valentina as a daughter.
Evelyn: Oedipus would be proud.

A witty and surprisingly ominous finale in a well-executed sophomore season.

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