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Dana’s List of Guilty Pleasures


Review by Dana
After Nadim’s recommendation and persistence, I decided to binge-watch One Tree Hill the summer the series finale was released (Yes, I finished 9 seasons in 3 months!). I love the show despite its ridiculousness and absurdity, especially when Lucas is caught between Peyton and Brooke or we’re faced with Team Nathan vs. Team Lucas. Moreover, the development of Nathan and Lucas’ relationship throughout is always heartwarming (although unrealistic). Despite the plethora of problems they face, the Rivercourt posse remains to be a family – my family. The dialogue and speeches are very inspiring, and cater to all viewers. One Tree Hill is a show where the nerds, the jocks, the plastics and the modest find characters to connect with.

Nowadays, it seems like a show can’t exist without a love triangle. However, no love triangle comes close to the one portrayed on The Vampire Diaries. Although the plotline can often seem cheesy, I am always on the edge of my seat curious to see whom our confused Elena will choose. However, regardless of Elena’s uncertainty, I strongly believe that she belongs with Damon and find myself raging in disgust during all her intimate scenes with Stefan. This obsession that I and many others have regards to Elena’s love life is nothing but a guilty pleasure. Moreover, the dynamism of these characters that alternate between rippers to ‘tamed’ vampires keeps the show alive.

We’ve all dreamed about becoming well-to-do successful individuals living in a penthouse overlooking Central Park on a sunny day. Being one of those dreamers, I was initially attracted to Gossip Girl where I was compelled by the lavish lifestyle the wealthy upper east siders live, the secrecy of forbidden relationships and the constant backstabbing that ruin friendships. Gossip Girl has its unique portrayal of such issues as the show amplifies this depiction to a degree of absurdity: Chuck and Blair’s mischiefs, Lonely Boy’s swooning over Serena van der Woodsen, and Nate Archibald’s interest in elder women. Let’s not forget about the annoying Jenny Humphrey who adds a little spice to the show with her ‘revolutionary’ ideas at school.

Even after its deterioration, I remain a die-hard fan of The O.C because my insane love for Seth Cohen’s character. His character allows me to embrace my inner dork through his style, his catchphrases and his weird fetishes (like Christmakkah and Captain Oats.). As for Marissa, while she is annoying, her devious incongruous plans add flare to the show. Moreover, Ryan’s significant change from the troubled young man in prison to the gentleman who runs away from fights is heartwarming.

Pretty Little Liars
writers’ perfectly incorporate adventure, mystery and thrills on the show through the disappearance of Alison Dilaurentis, freaky text messages, and dark secrets. This show will never cease to amaze you. Apart from the main plotline that revolves around “A”, the show tackles salacious subplots that deal with student-teacher affairs, adultery, drugs and murder. It is completely absurd that the lives of four teenage girls encompass all these burdens, but that’s what makes this show my guilty pleasure.

When Glee first aired, it was like a new era had started. Not only was it a musical, but it also tackled subjects other shows avoided and had a cast that looked like normal people (not some glammed-up barbies). This is what initially attracted critics and fans to Glee. As a Gleek myself, I can honestly say that this show has only deteriorated through the years. The new cast members are nothing like the originals, the story lines don’t even make sense and the writing has lost its spark. However, and as I much hate to admit it, I still find myself tuning in whenever an original cast member makes an appearance and when one of my favorite songs are performed. I still watch in hopes that Glee will return to its glory days.

Even though 90210 did not live up to its mother show (Beverly Hills, 90210), I still continued keeping up with the episodes every week. 90210 started off as a wholehearted melodrama that dealt with serious issues such as Silver’s bipolar disorder. However, after two seasons, the show changed paths and shifted towards murkier issues (especially when Annie’s psychotic cousin suddenly ruined everything). 90210 had its unique flare of drama from Adriana’s annoying fits to Annie’s escorting days.

I always wondered what life in the 80’s would have been like: the fashion, the parties and the lifestyle. Carrie Diaries gives me a fair share for what I’m looking for, from Carrie’s funky dresses to Marissa’s “Gatsbyesque” parties to the homosexual taboos. I also enjoy watching KyddShaw chemistry (very cute).

Sex, parties and hot guys are what characterize the hit MTV series Awkward. Regardless of the short seasons, each episode gives me a look into the life of a teenage girl cursed with bad luck, forced to be with crazy parents and stuck in the gates of hell (aka high school). Being a teenager myself, I am able to relate to the characters and their story lines that compel me to continue watching the show religiously.


  1. Great list! Made me nostalgic to the days of The O.C. You're right, Seth was a truly amazing character and I still miss his quirkiness today! The way the show ended was a bit too much though :/

    As for all the other shows, I can see how they could fall under anyone's “guilty pleasures”. Especially Pretty Little Liars: I love “hating” that show!

  2. Thanks for commenting Chris!
    I lost faith in the O.C by the end of season 3 and season 4 was a complete bust. However, my admiration for Seth's character remains!

    As for Pretty Little Liars, this season has been very slow-paced! I really do hope it picks up.

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