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Twin Peaks 1×01 – Pilot

 "Oh, Diane, I almost forgot. I got to find out what kind of trees these are. They’re really something."


Review by Justin
The pilot of Twin Peaks is one of my favorite TV pilots because it has this way of easing you into the show’s world without feeling the need to rush you into the middle of action or dumping you with large amounts of backstory right out of the gate. The opening credits are also a favorite of mine with its lullaby-like music being played in the background of the town’s peaceful sights.

The buildup to Laura Palmers’ parents finding out that their daughter was murdered felt so real and ultimately heartbreaking when the bleak moment of truth arrived for them. How others in Twin Peaks react to the news of Laura’s death added more to the realness of grief and the emotional impact of Laura’s murder. I have rarely seen something like this portrayed in such an emotionally moving way on TV which told me that this show was something special.

When Agent Cooper was introduced half an hour into the episode, I found him instantly interesting starting with his first scene. How he switched in his talking to his recorder between providing details of the start of his investigation and his love for food and trees amazes me. He’s a peculiar guy but a brilliant investigator. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cooper was one of the inspirations for Detective Robert Goren of Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

Like Agent Cooper, every character on Twin Peaks has something unique about them. From Sheriff Truman and the screwball therapist, to the deviously rebellious Audrey and gas station owner Ed (who carries the air of a Western cowboy), to the not-so-smart but adorable couple Andy and Lucy. And let’s not forget James and Donna, two heartbroken souls who had a special bond with Laura and each other. However, I can’t figure out the Bobby character. Sometimes it looks like he’s full of it and doesn’t give a crap about Laura since he has no remorse about cheating on her behind her back. But sometimes it looks like he’s genuinely hurt by Laura’s death and wants the person responsible to suffer horribly. Whether that desire for revenge comes from his feelings for Laura or his need to prove himself as a man, I don’t know. I would have to watch more episodes to put my finger on what this guy’s all about. I also don’t like the Catherine woman who has the image of an evil stepmother from a fairy tale which makes me feel sorry for her husband Pete, a kind-hearted guy who just wants to help people out.

I don’t know if it’s me but I’m getting a 50’s/60’s vibe from characters like Bobby and Shelly, the way they speak, and places like the diner and the high school. Even some of the townspeople’s clothes matched the style of that era. And Benjamin Horne who seems to be a major figure in town is giving me a Lionel Luthor vibe with her daughter Audrey, in that case, being a female version of Lex Luthor.

Now on the subject of Laura Palmer’s murder, all I have to say about it is one line spoken by Han Solo in Star Wars: A New Hope: “I have a real bad feeling about this.” Whatever happened to Laura, Ronnie, and the girl before them, a part of me is afraid to know more about it other than the hints that’s been given. It’s like I’m on the edge of the abyss and I’ve only seen a speck of its darkness. Those of you who’ve mentioned that Fire Walk With Me, the movie based on the days leading up to Laura’s murder, is scary as hell proves it. But like I said before, I’m in it for the entire run of the show and since I’ve barely scratched the surface of the mysteries of Laura Palmer and the citizens of Twin Peaks, I can’t wait to see what pops up next.

An excellent opening to a cult classic.

Justin Rating


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