Suits 4×10 – This Is Rome

"You want to make a splash? Part the Red Sea."


It’s no secret that I wasn’t a big fan of Suits‘ third season. That year practically collapsed under its own weight thanks to the tedious Ava Hessington storyline. However, I’m pleased to report that the show’s fourth season was a superb return to form; I’ve genuinely enjoyed each and every episode this year.

How many times throughout the show’s run has Mike’s secret been trudged up for some last-minute drama? That was the thought that was running through my mind towards the end of the episode. But then something fascinating happened: Louis utilized the weight of this secret to put Donna in her place (in a heartbreaking scene) before presumably blackmailing his way to name-partner status (after viciously berating Jessica). Both scenes benefited from four seasons of buildup, and they were downright astounding. I haven’t always been Rick Hoffman’s biggest fan, but he knocked this episode out of the park with just the right dose of vulnerability and aggression. Suffice to say, I can’t wait to see how the dynamics at the firm will be altered come December. Simply brilliant.

This Is Rome was a particularly excellent hour for Jessica. It’s no secret that I find Gina Torres to be an outstanding actress, and she got some first-rate material this season as she juggled her personal and professional dynamic with Mr. Jess Malone. But this week brought Jessica’s relationships with her employees to the forefront. It was remarkably satisfying to see her finally accept Mike (and all his drama), while eventually admitting that while she may be a liar and a hypocrite for what she did to Louis, she is NOT sorry. Please stay just the way you are Jessica, because you are the coolest badass around.

Pearson Bits

– I must reiterate how awesome it was to see Louis and Jessica’s relationship blow up this week. Beyond thrilling.

– Donna at the shooting range: very cool.

– Heartbreaking scene with Sheila cornering Louis about his reasons for leaving Pearson Specter.

– Dirty writer’s trick: I finally found Katrina sympathetic after her life basically shattered to a million pieces. And Jessica’s treatment of her? Wonderfully ruthless.

– Jessica listing everything Mike had done to Harvey was a great little bit of continuity.

– Nice symmetry to the beginning of the season with Walter Gillis making an appearance.

– The Rachel-Mike drama this season was a highlight, but I was happy to see that relationship fade into the background in the finale. I think we spent enough time with those two, and it’s really high-time Rachel got a serious professional storyline for once.

– How great was it to see Harvey practically beg Robert Zane to take Louis and that he would “owe” him?

– I kind of wanted to punch Louis when he screamed at Donna.

– Pearson…Specter… Litt – epic goosebump-worthy ending.

Firm Quips

Harvey: He’s worked his fingers to the bone for both of us, and he’s asking for a crumb.
Jessica: And I give him that crumb, and the next thing you know, all the cookies in the cabinet are gone.

Zane: Ah, Jessica doesn’t play around, does she? She took his firstborn too?

Jessica: (to Mike) Every damn time I think there’s no upside to having you, you do some shit to make me think it’s actually nice to have you around.

Harvey: I’m just tryin’ to figure out at what point in the last week you decided to become a pussy.
Mike: Oh, so doing something nice for someone makes you a pussy?
Harvey: I didn’t say that exactly.
Mike: Yes, you did.
Harvey: Let’s just go through some of the nice things you’ve done for people.
Mike: Okay, you know what, Harvey? Guilty as charged. I am nice, and if that makes me a pussy, then so be it.
Harvey: Then it’s settled: You’re a nice pussy. Miss, can I get a Cosmo here for my friend?

Must-Download Tune
Golden Casket by King Baby James

While I hate how the Powers that Be insist on splitting up the season in two, Suit‘s summer finale was a whirlwind roller-coaster of powerful moments and exciting twists.

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  1. After reading your great review, I took a look at the Suits mid-season finale. I admit to being not an ardent watcher of the show. But Louis finding out the truth about Mike glued me to my seat. I knew this was going to happen one day but it's one thing to imagine it and quite another thing to see it happen on screen. The magnitude of this development is almost equal to that of Hank learning the truth about Walt in Breaking Bad and Deb learning the truth about her brother in Dexter. Louis's scenes with Donna and Jessica were downright emotionally explosive. It makes me look forward to the scenes between Louis and Harvey, and Louis and Mike now he knows.

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