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Restaurant Review: Captain Davis


This country has a ton of underrated dining gems. Working in Sin El Fil, I’m not exactly surrounded by the greatest variety of food experiences. But a newly-opened burger house recently caught my attention with its bright exterior and quirky style.

Ladies and gents, meet Captain Davis, a funky little establishment that knows how to brand itself. The restaurant’s design is filled with details that instantly catch your attention: colorful metallic chairs, decorative toy airplanes, and funky flowerpots – it’s cozy and ridiculously charming on every level.


But let’s move on to the food. First off, the appetizers absolutely rock. We start off with Davis Pepperoni; mini pepperoni pizzas (with vol-au-vent-style crust) that can be described with two simple words: crunchy deliciousness. Next up, Cheese Croquettes – a fancy term by the captain for rounded mozzarella sticks that are just delectable. Our waiters kindly offers us complimentary chicken bites (quite good although the spicy lemon sauce is a tad bizarre) and mouthwatering baked potatoes topped with crispy bacon bits. Be still my heart.


As for the main course, we share several burgers. Bursting with jalapenos and guacamole, El Sombrero is an interesting creation. Much more impressive however is the Bacon Burger, and the Mushroom and Swiss with its succulent gooeyness. My friend samples Blue Almighty, and yep appropriately drenched in blue cheese. Her silence and gluttonous smile are praise enough. Across the board, the buns are tasty and the patties are delicious. It’s also worth mentioning that these burgers are far from messy – they hold their contents will and they do not spill (praise the lord). As for the sides the wedges are flavorful although the chips are a bit too oily for my taste.


Sadly we’re much too full to indulge in dessert, although I hear the carrot cake, the apple tart, and the cheesecake are spectacular. Oh well, that just means Nad’s Reviews is gonna have to drop by again very soon. Ah #firstworldproblems.

Price: Around $20/person.
Service: Our waiter wasn’t exactly jolly, but he was very polite and generously offered us some free starters.
Presentation: Particularly loved the burgers being served on wooden boards.
Ambiance: Positive and uplifting.
Must try: Start with the Davis Pepperoni (or try all the starters if you’re in binge-mood). Follow with the Bacon burger.
Go with: A group of friends. Also great for families with kids.

A fun ambiance and top-notch food make for a fantastic experience. Definitely recommended.

Nad Rating

Captain Davis
01 482 662
Sin El Fil, Lebanon



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