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Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Season One


Comedy? Check. Police action? Check. Quirky characters and lovable pairings? Double check. Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s debut season was an incredible one, and definitely worth the awards recognition it received.

This was an unbelievable first season for a fresh new comedy. It was so easy to fall in love with, and its characters are the reason it became my favorite new comedy. Andy Samberg is hilarious as the show’s main star; his relationship with each and every member of the 99th precinct develops and grows with every passing episode. Plus, his undeniable chemistry with Melissa Fumero made their love story that much more intriguing; it was also amazing how the writers decided to keep them away from each other as much as possible.

The show doesn’t waste its time with lame one-liners and dirty jokes (most of the times), but instead relies on the quirkiness of the characters. Like administrator Gina Linetti (played by the sensationally hilarious Chelsea Peretti) who, in one episode, decides that the English language cannot handle the depth of her thoughts so she incorporates Emoji into her speech; winky-face. This kind of eccentricity and originality in Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s characters, along with a police mystery side-story in every episode, distinguishes the show from other comedies. The flashbacks shown in every episode work perfectly with the series as they are just seconds-long and are always timed well with the story.

Plus, that cliffhanger: boy, I can’t wait for season two

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s debut season is sensational; every episode is worth watching, and the characters are so original and amusing you will fall in love with them immediately.

Chris Rating


  1. You know Chris I never had any interest in watching the show. But now? I'm majorly intrigued. I'll definitely give it a shot soon. Thanks 🙂

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