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New Girl 4×01 – The Last Wedding

"Winter… is coming. No one comes home alone."


Review by Megora
We were promised a full reset at the end of New Girl’s last season, and the gang has delivered. The premiere of the show’s fourth season is, in a lot of ways, a throwback to its first, with the exception that Jess is no longer the “new girl” in the loft, but very much the heart and soul of it, the core around which the remaining four male roommates revolve.

In a recent interview, show-runner Liz Meriwether candidly admitted that the show had gone a little off the rails when Nick and Jess got together end of season two, and confessed that she’s “much more comfortable writing about single people”. And that is exactly what we get: five very single people – six if you count CeCe – attending the last of a long succession of summer weddings, trying their best not to “go home alone”.

Another throwback to the series’ first season: the return of interesting guest stars. Enter Veep’s Reid Scott as the eligible Best Man Ted, and Mrs. Timberlake herself, Jessica Biel, as Kat, basically a more perfect version of herself (if that’s even possible) and Jess’s competition for Ted’s attention. Kat’s unflinching menace contrasts beautifully with Jess’s wide-eyed innocence, while Ted’s blabbering confusion when asked to choose between the two women is ridiculously funny.

The loft mates all seem to return to form, especially Schmidt, who’s rediscovered his “douche-bag” confidence (fingers crossed for the return of the D-Bag Jar any day now) and his obsession with Cece. As for Nick, although I might be slightly biased (he’s my favorite character by far), but his dynamic with the rest of the roommates elevates all of their performances. Watch for the lengths he’s willing to go to, just to keep Schmidt’s mind off Cece, and his pep-talk with Jess in the men’s room stall (yes you read that right) plays out as the perfect role reversal to their photo booth scene in season one’s third episode. It’s going to be fun watching those two figure out their relationship again throughout the season.

Roomfriend Ranting

Schmidt: It makes me angry and scared all at the same time. Just like when I hear the phrase, “Academy Award winner Anna Paquin”.

Schmidt: How do I look? How Jewish? I mean, like, good Jewish or bad Jewish?

Winston: Would you like to know my strategy? Be there… Just be there. No matter where he goes, be there. He gets a drink, be there. He talks to his friends, be there. At the end of the night, be there. It’s called “the Joe Biden”.

Schmidt: Hey, do you know how they sell ice cream at the drugstore…?

Nick: I’m not having a four-way with you… end of discussion.

Jess: My first crush was on a Batman cake, but my first sexual feelings were about teenage Simba.

It’s rough coming back from the trenches of season three, but the roommates are off to a promising start.

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