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The Mindy Project 3×01 – We’re A Couple Now, Haters!

“Man, so much drama at this vagina clinic, huh?”


Few shows are as lovable as The Mindy Project.

Spearheaded by the remarkably talented Mindy Kaling, this unique little sitcom is one of my favorite things on the air. It does an absolutely wonderful job of fusing together a colorful cast and witty punchlines with a whole lot of heart. The season three premiere is an excellent reminder of just how consistent and endearing this show can be.

The most impressive thing about this premiere is its willingness to keep Danny and Mindy together. Most sitcoms push soulmates apart for the majority of their run in fear of ruining the show’s appeal. But I have a feeling Mindy plans on taking a risk and keeping the two together while creating amusing obstacles to sustain the freshness. I’m definitely on board with that, instead of resorting to contrived situations that would drive them apart. But apart from the hilariousness that was Danny’s stripper past, the writers managed to make Mindy’s insightful gossip about their relationship a strong character moment that revealed just how afraid she is of losing everything. It was an unexpected moment, and one that Kaling sold with beautiful poignancy.

On top of everything else, the premiere also introduced a brilliant new character in the form of Morgan’s cousin, Lou. The guy was a hoot in every one of his scenes, and I’m praying to the lord that his appearance isn’t a one time thing. I can certainly see him joining the cast full-time, and flourishing with his special brand of wit. A small recommendation: can he please replace Peter who sort of annoys me?

Bits From The Clinic

– Very cool touch with the song overtaking the show’s theme music. Will this be a weekly thing now?

– The bit about Morgan claiming Mindy celebrates Ramadan cracked me up.

– Danny playing “Let It Go” on the piano? Epic.

– Peter fighting with Jeremy was fun but kind of forgettable. The latter deserves a better storyline.

– Awesome little bit: Mindy dropping the very big knife from her window, and the police sirens overheard later on.

– It must be said: I freakin’ adore Tamra and Beverly. Both actresses own their roles.

– Could the episode’s ending be any more perfect with Danny giving Mindy a private striptease before their make-out session? I love these two.

– I missed the “go to bed” tag this week.

Lahiri Liners

Mindy: But what is a relationship if not doing things you hate in between sex sessions?

Peter: (to Danny) She says you’re like a thirsty camel at a desert oasis.

Mindy: How about a charity that helps girls who want to look bangable at work?

Beverley: I can’t go, I have tickets to an execution.

Danny: I would never let my woman plan a charity event with some guy.
Mindy: And I would never plan a charity event.

Mindy: Danny that was really good interpersonal chitchat.

Mindy: I have a box with my ex-boyfriends’ hair, but I keep it for curses.

Mindy: Zorro? I’m too young to understand that reference.

Tamra: My phone is charging really slow, is the electricity in here normal electricity, or is it some low-flow, eco bull?

Beverly: Are those teeth up for grabs?

Lou: When I first started working for you dorks, I had one mission: to lock down that rich Indian spinster so I’d never have to fix another printer again in my life.

A charming and highly enjoyable return from one of the most consistent comedies on television.

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