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The Big Bang Theory: 8×01/02 The Locomotive Interruption / The Junior Professor Solution

“You’re built for pharmaceutical sales. You’re cute, you’re flirty... it started out like there were gonna be three things.”


After a very promising end to season seven, The Big Bang Theory returned for its eight season surprisingly without a single bang. It seems like the show is unwilling to incorporate change. In fact, the first three minutes of the hour-long premiere told us everything we were going to expect from these two episodes: nothing has changed in this show.

Except for Penny’s hair. I’m no fashion expert, and many fans seem to love the new haircut, but I am not one of those fans. I find her short hair weird and unsuitable for her. Pretty much the same thing goes for her new storyline for this season: a pharmaceutical sales rep? Penny? Really? I mean, I wanted Penny to stop complaining about what a terrible waitress and unaccomplished actress she is, but this seems like a plotline the writers came up with after two minutes of thinking. Penny deserves better, guys!

As for Sheldon, it was absolutely disappointing to see that all the character development the previous episode seemed to hint for was torn down in the opening scene of the premiere. Sheldon in his white undies, being awkward and weird as he freaked out strangers at the train station just screamed “old-school” Sheldon. I was hoping the old Sheldon had disappeared and his “trip” would’ve given him a better understanding of the world, but the writers of Big Bang, as always, played it safe. Nothing has improved in terms of character development.

The second episode, however, was definitely better than the first. Amy had a somewhat decent storyline for once as I always loved how obsessed she is with Penny and in becoming her best friend, so it was certainly amusing to watch her be the popular girl for once and trash-talk both Penny and Bernadette behind their backs. Kudos for you, girl; you always make me laugh.

I have to say, Sheldon becoming a professor could’ve been a massively entertaining plotline and one that can also add some character development, but instead of having an entire class for Dr. Cooper to torture, he’ll only have to teach Howard. Sheldon torturing Howard… more of the same, fellas. More of the same.

Needless to say, at this point you’re either watching The Big Bang Theory because you’re invested in these characters and in what this show has always been about, or you’re bashing it because it never spices things up for a change. But one thing is for sure: this show is one of the most-watched sitcoms on TV now for a reason, and that reason is Sheldon. I am sad the writers are intent on not moving the show beyond what it is, but at the same time I feel like this has always been about what that final scene of the premiere indicated: four nerds sitting around the coffee-table, testing their intelligence skills.

Witty Bits

– Sadly, there was barely any mention of Penny and Leonard’s engagement or their moving in together. Are those things still happening?

– It will be quite interesting to see Stuart and Howard’s mom connecting as long as Howard doesn’t start calling him “dad”. No, wait, that might be cool.

-The best Sheldon bit of the week: his reaction to Penny’s hair. I would’ve run out of the door too if I were him.

-Amusing touch: Penny gets the job as a pharmaceutical sales person by connecting with her interviewer over how mean Bernadette is.

-It was sweet how Sheldon didn’t want Amy to know that he wasn’t exactly perfect.

Bazinga One-Liners

Howard: Ma, I hope you’re decent; Raj is here. [to Raj] You just started seeing naked women again; I don’t want you to be confused as to where the boobs should be.

Sheldon: Leonard, as soon as we get home, I wanna have coitus with Amy. (looks at Amy sitting in the back with no reaction) Okay, she can’t hear us.

Amy: It’s taken 15 years, but high school is finally awesome!

Howard: [about Bernadette] Don’t talk to her like that. That is my mother—uh, my-my wife!

Amy: Usually, when someone is being talked about behind their back, it’s me and it’s right in front of my face.

A disappointing start to a new season that is just more of the same. While the second episode was an improvement on the first, this is still less than what we want from this show.

Chris Rating

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