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Once Upon A Time 4×01 – A Tale Of Two Sisters

“You can have happiness. I know it doesn’t seem like it, but you have to fight.”


Review by Panda
A Tale of Two Sisters felt a little crushed under the weight of its titular plot, but considering how badly new characters can go over when they’re forced down audiences’ throats, I think Elsa and Anna’s debut went down fairly well.

Immediately we were thrown right into the thick of the Frozen takeover, and it really did take over. Those outside of the fan base would be surprised by how little of Anna and Elsa’s history is explained. As someone who knows the story well I wasn’t bothered by it (and I suspect 99.9% of the fan base knew it already, too), it just surprised me is all. Didn’t we get to know Snow White and co through their history?

That aside, I actually loved the sisters’ first appearance. Both Elsa and Anna were perfectly cast, the former being pretty much the real life embodiment of the older Arendelle native. Georgina Haig was easy to fall for, just as much as her animated counterpart and I’m excited to see how the show handles her this season, since it’s pretty obvious that she’s the sister who’ll be driving this arc.

I don’t think she played all that well with the world of Storybrooke yet, but I think that would be an unfair complaint. I thought the post-movie story that was concocted felt right by the characters, without them becoming caricatures of the versions we’re more familiar with. Anna running off to help her sister was very Anna, and Elsa worrying about her journey was very Elsa. Even Kristoff was how I imagined his live action version to be like.

I always enjoy seeing all these characters from different places crossing paths and these guys are no exception, but I think it’ll be worth the wait to see them meet Emma and the rest of the residents. This episode was all about establishing Anna’s presence, and she definitely made it known to everyone in town. That attack on the town was equal parts silly and hilarious. Do we have more fun snow fights on the way?

Outside of anything giant abominable snowman related, Regina has been taken down a dark path…again. It’s a relief it’s not in the same vain as I thought it might have been; her trying to kill Marian would have been a little pathetic considering everything she’s been through and all that she’s done up until now. Regina realising that Emma isn’t the one to blame in all this makes sense; she needs to change the game. But what will the quest to find the author do to her? I really enjoyed watching her grown and evolve. It’ll be a shame to see that get thrown away.

Rumple seems to be falling apart, again…I think. I’m not all too sure what was going on with him, but I loved the sentiment of him returning the dagger into Belle’s possession again. That dance was something else, too, wasn’t it? I’m glad to see the Disney license being used to full effect.


Emma and Hook got a lot of cute screen time together. I can’t wait to see more of that for the rest of the season.

He Said, She Said

Elsa: I can’t just abandon the kingdom.
Anna: “You’re just making excuses.”
Else: Have you forgotten your last dalliance? Hans?

As far as cash grabs go, I think I’ll call this Frozen one a success, at least so far. Now I’m just curious to see how Olaf fits in.

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  1. Yeah, the actresses are really well cast and it sounds we´re gonna have an interesting season or at least, a first good part. I also really liked Regina and loved the dance between Rumple and Belle.

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