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The Big Bang Theory 8×03 – The First Pitch Insufficiency

“Is this when he says bazooka or something?”


After a somewhat mediocre premiere to season eight, TV’s favorite nerdy gang returns with a slightly better, funnier and more amusing episode.

I love Amy, Bernadette, Stuart and Howard’s mom screaming off-screen, but sometimes I realize that I miss the original five main characters that we fell in love with during the early seasons. That’s why I enjoyed this episode much more than the first two of season eight: it focused more on the main gang.

Gladly, there was no mention of Penny’s new job (a storyline I am still dreading) or Stuart “connecting” with Howard’s mom. And when I originally realized that the focus was instead going to be about Penny and Leonard being insecure about their relationship (yet again), I was slightly worried. But the show did well this time around. Leonard wasn’t annoying, and Penny wasn’t controlling. In fact, if anything, this episode was the perfect way for them to realize that their relationship is wildly imperfect, and their realization that they’re scared was done beautifully and emotionally.

This was also a big episode for Howard, and the scene with him, Raj and Bernadette at the gym was one of the episode’s best moments. Bernadette’s high-pitched, bossy screams are brilliant, and Howard’s insecurities about throwing the first pitch at the baseball game are really amusing to watch. Times like these where Sheldon isn’t at the center makes for good character development (for everyone else). While this doesn’t make the show as important or funny as any Sheldon-centric episode, it’s important for the writers of TBBT to throw in these kinds of episodes, at least just to trick us into believing that they care about the rest of the characters as well.

I loved how Howard decided to use the Mars rover to wow everyone at the stadium into throwing the first pitch; yes, it ended up being a colossal mistake, but there was something extremely sentimental about Howard’s ability to overcome his fear of sports, a subject he is so weak at, using his general knowledge of science.

Witty Bits

– Raj’s “you suck, Wolowitz!” was really funny. Especially when he screams it at the end in the stadium.

– Leonard and Penny’s double date with “Shamy” was delightful. More of that please!

– I have to say it again, the scene with Howard, Bernadette and Raj at the gym with the tape measure is extremely hilarious.

– The best Sheldon bit of the week: his ranking of the relationships in their circle by quality, from best to worst: him and Amy, Howard and Bernadette, Raj and his girlfriend, Penny and Chardonnay, then Penny and Leonard.

Bazinga One-Liners

Penny: Is this when he says bazooka or something?

Penny: Okay, that’s not what I meant when I said go outside and play.

Sheldon: Did you enjoy my lecture?
Amy: No, and neither did our waiter.

Bernadette: They throw an actual ball, you were throwing air at a TV.
Howard: For your information, I also threw Leonard a high-five.

Penny: I know, watching your boyfriend run around with a broomstick between his legs isn’t something you forget.

Howard: Are you kidding me? There’s no way this is 60 feet!
Bernadette: I’m looking at it.
Howard: You realize this isn’t one of those times I want you to exaggerate how long something is?

Focusing heavily on our original five, this was a funnier installment than the premiere which proved that after eight years, the show can still deliver on the laughs.

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