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The Good Wife 6×02 – Trust Issues

"The future is weird."


I must say, Alicia’s eventual run for office has been handled incredibly well. We all know she’s going to do it at some point, but the path leading up to that moment has been a joy to watch. From Valerie Jarett calling Alicia and encouraging her to run, to Ernie whatshisname offering her Carey’s bail money as bribe, it’s been fascinating to see Alicia slowly come to terms with the possibility that she could run (and possibly win). Michelle and Robert King have done a bang-up job of crafting Alicia Florrick’s journey leading up to this game-changing development. It’s a true testament to their talent that it feels so earned and organic.

I love how Diane’s exit from Lockhart/Gardner provided a stark contrast to Alicia and Carey’s messy departure from the firm. As always, Christine Baranski did wonders without uttering a single word, and I was completely engrossed by her exit scene. The details were remarkably on point: the zoom-in on the ticking clock, her picking up the Hilary Clinton picture, and then her grace and confidence as she struts out (with Dean and the crew in tow). And that final “goodbye” whisper as the elevator doors closed? Pretty darn flawless.

The fact that Carey is already out of jail (thanks to the Chumhum advance) makes me respect the show even more. A lesser series would have dragged this storyline out for at least half the season, but The Good Wife doesn’t play around. Not only does Carey get out, he’s afforded one of the show’s most beautiful moments yet: the episode’s final sequence where he and Alicia embrace in the most perfect way ever. It’s a gorgeous, touching moment as the two acknowledge it’s the first time they’ve ever done this, and we quietly fade out on Alicia’s smile. My how far these two have come.

Finally, I have to say that my favorite element in Trust Issues is the reappearance of Lorraine Joy, the snotty lawyer who didn’t hire Alicia when she first started out. Having the two face off in the deposition was a stroke of genius, and it was extremely satisfying to hear Lorraine express regret over not hiring Alicia at the end (especially when paired with our girls’ playful arrogance). Here’s hoping Polly Draper drops by again soon.

Cases & Bits

– The look Bishop gives Robyn so she doesn’t eavesdrop? Priceless.

– I always enjoy it when Alicia testifies. She’s always composed and aggressive in just the right doses.

– Other-Carey fake whispering into Alicia’s ear gave me the biggest grin.

– Nifty juxtaposition with Bishop discussing the drug trial with Kalinda while innocently cheering on his son during the football game. An added touch: the rest of the parents sit far far away from the drug lord.

– This was Taye Diggs’ first appearance on The Good Wife. I’m optimistic he’ll be a good addition to the show (and the firm).

– This is how I like my Kalinda: on the periphery and not dealing with lame romantic subplots. This week she knew the identity of the witness with the wire, but failed to divulge that info to Bishop which got one of the innocent witnesses killed. Damn.

– Peter didn’t get much to do besides refuse to sign Alicia’s mortgage this week. Sadly, he made a great point about signing for an accused felon.

– I pretty much adored the scene where Alicia kept telling Castro she wasn’t going to run and he kept being defensive. Run Alicia, run and kick his ass.

– Hilariously weird scene with Alicia and Gunther in the elevator as he strips. In fact, Gunther popping up during various moments this week made me laugh.

Good Lines

Alicia: Maybe I just wanted to believe you’d do the right thing. Because the man I married would have.
Peter: Well that’s interesting. Because the woman I married never would have asked.

Man: I’m trying to be a friend Mrs. Florrick.
Alicia: I know. I have plenty of friends. I don’t need any more.

Lorainne: I should have hired you. You’re an assassin.
Alicia: Your mistake.

Robyn: I second.
Guy: Well you can’t second you’re not a partner.
Robyn: I urge someone else to second.

Elie: I never trust when the good guys support you. It’s when the bad guys come round you know it’s real. People think you’re important enough to bribe!

Another week, another stellar hour of The Good Wife.

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  1. How epic was Diane's final scene as she exits Lockhart/Gardner for the last time? Wow wow. And did the show get a new music composer since “Hitting the Fan” or something? I got the chills during Diane's epic exit scene! They've been using this score since that episode, especially during the opening title credits (which, by the way, I've never commented on but I LOVE).

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