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Grey’s Anatomy 11×02 – Puzzle With A Missing Piece

“Dr. Bailey doesn't need to bring anything. She IS the thunder.”


Review by Tagouga
This Thursday’s episode was all about Grey Sloan Memorial’s newest doctor: Maggie Pierce. You know how sometimes you find yourself in unfortunate situations throughout the day thinking “how could this day possibly get any worse”? Well Maggie Pierce soon found out that her day could indeed keep getting worse as it went along. While the episode tried to make Maggie a likable character by making her the center of the hour, I must say we are not quite there yet, well at least I am not; something about her just gets on my nerves.

Maggie is definitely trying to fit in. Her attempt at bonding with Jo wasn’t that successful. Not only was she not able to remember her name – which was kind of odd but can you really blame her? It took me a whole season to actually learn the interns’ names – but she also blurted out Alex’s plan to join the board to Dr. Butthole. I honestly completely forgot about the latter character, and it took me a while to realize who was operating in the OR with all the music and dancing going on! And when Maggie finally found the courage to reveal her identity to her sister, nothing went as planned. It must be really hard for Meredith to accept the fact that her mom gave birth while she was five years old and she didn’t even notice! Maggie also got off to a rough start with Jackson by calling the board members “a bunch of morons” for closing Bailey’s genome lab. Bailey’s reaction was priceless though and at least we now have one person who likes Maggie. The other person who Maggie seemed to get along was Amelia. Was Amelia always this quirky? Nevertheless, I felt the connection between the two a bit forced.

The mystery of the McNeils was finally revealed as Maggie found the answer to the cardiomyopathy case. And although Owen yelled at Maggie for digging into the reports for the sake of the family, his main concern seemed to have more to do with Cristina than the family as he questioned whether Maggie really thought she could outdo Yang. What was satisfying though was the fact that Maggie’s discovery absolved both the parents and Cristina from any responsibilities which didn’t undermine Yang.

Bits & Scalpels

– How cute was Zola running up to Maggie?

– Arizona and Callie’s storylines have become so utterly uninteresting and boring.

– Maggie’s parents seem really sweet but a singing telegram? And talk about bad timing!

– Maggie’s “bringing the thunder”! Please don’t make that a thing. And like Jo said, Bailey IS the thunder.

Grey Banter

Maggie: Too big to pass on his own?
Bailey: I had a child once. I’d rather have four more than do what he’s trying to do.

Patient: When it’s my time, I should get to die remembering my life. Shouldn’t I?

Bailey: If the board has a problem with that, you have them come talk to me, and I’ll tell them what hole they can push that through!

Owen: Now, you really think you could find something that she didn’t?

Maggie: Is everyone in this room somehow related?

Alex: Hey, it’s Dr. Blabbermouth.

Amelia: No one has ever called my brother “the other Dr. Shepherd.” It’s beautiful.

Patient: Do people get strokes from sex?
Amelia: Almost never.
Patient: So was it just…me?
April: What answer are you hoping for?

Patient: Re-re…
Amelia & Maggie: Regger? Roger?
April: Yeah, I did this for 10 minutes, guys.

Bailey: They caught me. And I threw you under the bus. Sorry.

Amelia: Guess that’s what you call one mind-blowing orgasm.
Maggie: Are you done?
Amelia: I have one more. He nearly screwed her brains out. I’m done.

Although a Maggie-centric episode was the last thing I would have wanted to see (and I’m still not too fond of the character), I must admit this was a much more enjoyable episode than the premiere.

Tagouga Rating


  1. It didn't seem like I was gonna like this episode either after I realized 10 minutes in that it was Maggie-centric, but I was not bored surprisingly. I still think Derek, Alex and Bailey are being pushed to the side a lot and is this Shonda's way of keeping the Grey name in the show after Ellen Pompeo decides she's had too much of this?

  2. It's funny but I enjoyed this a lot! I was sure I would hate it but they managed the impossible: they made Maggie likeable (prob because everyone was hating on her this week).

    I kind of wish the writers went the unexpected route and had Meredith embrace her with open arms at the end. I don't want her to slowly warm up to her like she did with Lexie (which would take forever). Let's just get to the good stuff. The Lexie love was a slow-burn right? Maybe I”ve forgotten.

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