Revenge 4×02 – Disclosure

"You chose revenge over me."


Well that was slow.

That’s not to say this was a bad hour of Revenge. On paper, Disclosure had all the right elements for a thrilling hour (Gideon & Margaux not withstanding). However, the execution was far too slow for my liking.

Bringing David back opens up a world of questions, and it would do the show good to start answering them instead of stretching things out for a long period of time. Throughout all of Papa Clarke’s scenes with Vicky, I just wanted Revenge to get the good stuff. And now quite predictably, it seems that Queen V will be turning Clarke on his daughter. Are we supposed to believe that he won’t recognize his own daughter? Stranger things have happened, and I won’t judge until I see more because this is still an admittedly compelling storyline that has altered the very fabric of the show. However…

Charlotte is seriously going to be the death of me. I just knew the writers would never go through with her suicide, and even with Emily FINALLY revealing the truth to her (four years too late), I still think the character is an unnecessary element of the show. I hate to harp on a performer so badly, but Christa Allen has to be the single worst actress on television. Even if the material is atrocious (which it most certainly is), certain actors can elevate a script with their talent. Sadly, Allen is devoid of any such talent. On the bright side, the episode’s final sequence with Charlotte knocking out her sister and setting The Stowaway on fire was well done. Obviously there’s no suspense whatsoever, but it’s a curious decision to make Charlotte so villainous.

Furthermore, I fail to understand why Gideon and Margaux are still on my screen. Every time either of them appears, it sucks the momentum and life straight out of the show. I’m praying that this was the last we’ve ever seen of Gideon after his sister’s painfully boring drug plot. Sadly, Margaux is part of the main cast this season, and I shudder to think what subplot she’ll be involved in next. Thankfully, her sex-romp with Daniel hopefully means the two will become a full-on evil couple who hatch sinister plots at every turn.

I hate to say it, but Revenge reminds me so much of True Blood with its needlessly large cast that comprises a number of useless charisma-vacuums. Producers, please wake up and start firing people ASAP! The legacy of your show depends on it.

Vengeful Bits

– Very effective teaser with Victoria and David culminating with the latter choking her.

– What was a truck doing in the middle of nowhere? At least it gave us the episode’s only worthwhile action moment with David diving to save Madeleine Stowe’s stunt double.

– I found it really weird that Emily didn’t tell Charlotte the truth when she was on the ledge. So if Jack and Brian weren’t there, Emily would have let her sister die? Pretty damn contrived if you ask me.

– So Emily was suicidal too? I don’t remember ever seeing those scars on the Infinity tattoo. Retcon much?

– Did anyone else want to smash Charlotte’s face after she broke the Infinity box? Ungrateful brat.

– Victoria and the steak knife made me laugh. At least she now knows David killed Conrad.

– So are the voiceovers gone now?

– Brian likes Emily. Do we even care?

Devious Delights

Nolan: (to Emily) I’m sorry, could you repeat that? Because all I could hear was the sound of my revenge-free summer being strangled to death by a web of thorns.

Must-Download Tune
Up In Flames (feat. Maggie Eckford) by Sam Tinnesz

While it should have been a knockout, Disclosure wasn’t as powerful as it could have been thanks to a terrible performance by Christa Allen and some horrid subplots.

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  1. The flaws in the David Clarke storyline doesn't surprise me. The show has a tendency to drag things out even during parts of last season. I am still of the opinion that bringing back David Clark was a bad move. It's a distraction from the Victoria vs. Emily storyline. And I wish Charlotte had committed suicide from a storytelling standpoint. If she had died, it would affect Emily with the personal consequences of her fulfilled revenge against the Graysons and it would make Victoria's vendetta against Emily all the more personal. She may have come after Nolan and try to push him into suicide as payback since Nolan is family to Emily.

  2. Overall I thought that this episode was okay but would've been better if it didn't have this Margaux and Gideon nonsense. I'm with you all these new characters are slowing down the show and pretty much hogging up screen time. I find myself fast forwarding through any scenes with a new face in it. Bottom line just a tip to the writers you don't need a new character everytime you open up a new storyline.

  3. Overall I thought this episode was ok but could've been better if they didn't have the Gideon and Margaux nonsense. I'm with you, it would do justice for the show if the writers would stop adding new characters. I mean come on the amount of new characters that are in this show is even enough for a new show.

  4. I actually liked it! It was too slow, you're right, and not enough focus on Emily as a whole. But for once, perhaps Charlotte is becoming interesting now?

    As for Victoria, I loved how evil she was for not telling David about Amanda. The trailer for the next episode looks intense! Can't wait.

  5. I thought the same thing about Emily's scars. Those were never there. As for Charlotte, I would like to smash her face at every moment. Here's to hoping she will be dead soon.

  6. I'm avoiding the trailers Chris! They spoil too much! The promo for the second episode actually spoiled the fact that Emily tells Charlotte she's her sister. What the hell? That's TOO BIG a development to reveal in a promo!

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