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The Big Bang Theory 8×04 – The Hook-Up Reverberation

“I’m with him three years, nothing. She’s with him two minutes, and he’s taking his pants off.”


Wow, that was not good.

It seems like the show takes one step forward, then about 20 steps back. The Penny/Emily plot was so boring and awful that I rolled my eyes at that ending—which we have never seen anything like before on the show. The split screen with Penny on one side of the door, and Emily on the other, and both of them saying “I hate her” could’ve been more effective had we actually cared about this friendship happening at all.

Plus, how many times have we seen this exact same storyline in other sitcoms? Friends did it when Monica hated Joey’s new Australian girlfriend Janine, and even then it wasn’t a good plot. The difference is that it was at least funny there; can’t say the same here.

The idea of the guys buying the comic book store seemed quite inventive and fresh at first. I was delighted the show was actually going somewhere with this and the fact that all of the guys (even Sheldon) went to discuss this investment with their other halves was remarkable. Never has this show appreciated its relationships that much.

Only to have it slap us in the face at the end. Why don’t the writers want to go through with that storyline? It’s not like it would change the show a great deal (something the writers seem to be scared of), and the conversation with Sheldon and Howard discussing how they would treat customers if they revive the comic book store proves that it would have been a good idea to go with.

The ending teaser was kind of annoying as well. Much like the season premiere’s final moments, the idea of the guys just sitting around the coffee-table reading comic books and being nerdy was a major letdown. Yes, that’s the show’s original premise (like eight seasons ago) but now it just feels like the writers’ way of giving us the middle finger every time we come to expect big character development on the show.

 Witty Bits

– Howard and Stuart fighting for Mrs. Wolowitz’s affection is such a forgetful storyline I didn’t even want to discuss it.

– I kind of liked Emily, until this episode when she decided to hate Penny for “hooking up” with Raj a couple of years ago. How long is she and Raj gonna last, seriously?

– Still not getting around Kaley Cuoco’s haircut. Please don’t ever do this again to yourself, Kaley.

– With that ending, it looks like the Penny/Emily tension won’t be over anytime soon. When I previously said give Penny a better storyline this season, you know I didn’t mean this, right writers?

– Hilarious moment: Raj’s idea of driving around in a van and picking up kids to take to their comic book store.

– Sheldon bit of the week: telling Amy that she has to be enthusiastic and supportive about his comic book store investment or else it will throw their entire relationship to question. Then this: “So keep an open mind.”

Bazinga One-Liners

Amy: I feel backed into a corner, Sheldon.
Sheldon: Perfect.

Sheldon: I have some odd freckles on my buttocks. Can I make an appointment for you to look at them?
Emily: Um, okay I guess.
Amy: I’m with him three years, nothing. She’s with him two minutes, and he’s taking his pants off.

Leonard: You’re afraid of both dinosaurs and chickens.
Sheldon: Yes, but tell me a dinosaur chicken salad sandwich wouldn’t hit the Mesozoic spot.

Sheldon: I’ll give you a plan right now. Step one: open comic book store. Step two: start rumor this comic book store gives you genital warts. Step three: buy a big bag to put the money in.

Leonard: Hold on, so your idea is to get a van and cruise the streets looking for kids to pick up?
Guys: Yes.
Leonard: And are you gonna use candy to lure them in?
Raj: We are now!

The Hook-Up Reverberation was a major letdown with its weak jokes and unoriginal plots.

 Chris Rating


  1. I agree with you about the idea of the guys running a comic book store. It sounded like an interesting new avenue for the characters and the show which is why Stuart revealing he didn't need the money pissed me off. You're right about the show being afraid to change in certain ways. For example, Leonard and Sheldon still live together even after Leonard and Penny became engaged. I wonder if it will remain that after they get married. And I still think Amy should break up with Sheldon. Their relationship has become very stagnant, largely because of Sheldon.

  2. Yes, totally agree about the Leonard and Sheldon thing. It would be really stupid if they stay roommates even after Leonard and Penny get married, which I'm guessing won't happen for a few more seasons considering how much we know this show.

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