Gotham 1×03 – The Balloonman

"The city is sick - sick in a way I hadn't realized."


This was certainly better than last week’s mess. But that’s not saying much. Baby steps I guess?

I’m surprised to say that the balloonman proved to be an intriguing one-time baddie. His modus operandi was a bit too absurd and cartoon-y for my tastes, but it fits Gotham’s wacky world. In addition, his existence means that Batman wasn’t Gotham’s first vigilante, and it’s possible that there were many others before the Caped Crusader finally came on to the scene.

Oswald’s slow rise into thug infamy was also amusing. It’s pretty obvious that he’s going to become Maroni’s protege before ultimately taking his place and waging war against Falcone (or Fish). It’s all predictable, but ridiculously enjoyable (the psychopath basically slaughters people for tuna sandwiches and shoes). And hey it’s obvious that Robin Taylor is relishing the role of a frickin’ lifetime.

The vicious silent war between Fish and Falcone escalated this week as the former made sure the latter’s girlfriend Nadia (or was it Natalia) was involved in an “accident.” Here’s hoping the situation between the gangsta and her mob-boss get explosive soon because I’m getting really sick of Jada Smith’s overacting. She was different and cool in the pilot, but all her theatrics are starting to make me cringe. I hope Jada is enjoying her character’s colorful wardrobe because her performance is leaving a lot to be desired.

On a positive note, the episode’s cliffhanger was an effective one with Oswald arriving at Jim’s doorstep. It’s a completely unexpected turn, and one that promises great things for the future. Will the two form some sort of unholy alliance? I’m most definitely curious.

Bat Bits

– So Selina apparently did see the Wayne’s killer before he put his mask on. She didn’t get much screen-time this week but I liked her using Bullock’s pen to uncuff herself. Oh, and she can “see in the dark.” Thanks for being so subtle yet again my dear writers.

– Alfred and Bruce sword-fight practice was kind of cool. I’m still unsure about how I feel about this interpretation of Alfred though.

– Bruce’s breakfast looked really tasty.

– Comic book nod: the clocktower behind Barbara. Think Batgirl and Birds of Prey.

– I hate Bullock. The character’s incessant moaning has already gotten repetitive. Naturally I enjoyed the woman slamming him around the apartment like a rag-doll.

–  So Montoya and Barbara were involved! And they were both junkies! Scandalous!

– Why were Jim and Bullock so shocked that the balloon popped? That is how balloons usually work gentlemen.

– Hilarious moment of the week: the balloon victim crashing on the old lady.

– If Fish welcomes another visitor to her club with that dramatic delivery of “what a surprise”, I might stab her.

– I liked the subtlety of Bruce regaining his appetite at the end when he hears of the Balloonman and wonders who will defend the people of Gotham in the future.

– Bullock shooting the balloon to save Gordon was a bit of an anticlimax no?

– I like that Barbara doesn’t see the need to ask Jim about Oswald at the end. She trusts him, and that poignant scene is their strongest one so far.

Cracks From Gotham

Jim: Everyone has to matter, or nobody matters. And else everyone loses faith.

Gordon: The next target is likely public and corrupt.
Bullock: Basically every elected official in Gotham should stay indoors.

Essen: Oh great, one of those sweet cop-killing vigilantes.

The Balloonman was better than the show’s second outing, but there’s still a long way to go before Gotham evolves into must-see television.

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