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New Girl 4×04 – Micro

“We’re all freaks!”


Review by Megora
Now that’s more like it.

This week’s episode puts Jess back on the dating scene, when she tries to prove to the guys that she’s not as shallow as they are, by going out with a guy who has “male endowment” issues. While, on the other side, Schmidt and Coach bring their A-game posing for a modeling job, which is actually just another one of Winston’s many pranks.

I guess this episode’s structure qualifies as a winning formula. Dividing the group of six into pairs allowed each of them to have an active role individually, while bouncing jokes off the other. Jess’s plotline remains to be the ‘A’ story, and for the first time this season she’s teamed up with Nick again, which is always fun to watch. But my favorite pairing by far this time around is Cece and Winston. For once, a Winston prank ends up being smart, well-executed and not at all a complete disaster (though it did kind of backfire on him), and the way Cece synced into it right off the bat just proves that she’s a crazy genius in her own right.

The guest star Matt (Alan Ritchson) comes off as annoying as intended, but the subtle parallels drawn between his body image issues and Schmidt’s work well to tie up the two subplots. Schmidt’s lingering insecurity because of his “fat-boy” past has been brought up several times before, but it always serves appropriately to, at least temporarily, relieve him of “douche-bag” status and remind us how sweet he is at heart.

Newbie Notes

– Winston rating the guys is super funny.

– Post-breakup Nick and Jess are finally back to normal.

– Since when can Winston and Cece communicate telepathically? More of that please.

– What is shooting candy into a baby and how does it qualify as fun?

Roomfriend Ranting

Winston: I have a Sesame Street problem.

Schmidt: He’s wearing skinny jeans. They fit him like sweatpants.

Winston: A classic Cece-Winston mess-around.
Cece: Not a thing.

A clear improvement, and with an awesome assist from the Cece-Winston double-team, Micro is the funniest New Girl episode so far this season.

Megora Rating

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