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The Walking Dead 5×01 – No Sanctuary

"See, I knew the chick with the sword was bad news; bitch looked like a weapon with a weapon."


The apocalypse is back people.

It boggles my mind to see The Walking Dead so successful. The show’s fifth season premiere was its highest rated episode yet, making it one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) drama on television. I actually wasn’t season four’s greatest fan; the cast was separated for far too long and the show didn’t have a proper antagonist to follow up with after horrifying Governor.

And then this premiere happened, and my mind was blown. THIS is what The Walking Dead is all about – a gripping, heart-stopping hour that’s packed with action and momentum. One aspect in particular made this hour extremely memorable, and it was Carol’s transformation into full-on badass. Melissa McBride did some excellent work last season, but she was phenomenal in No Sanctuary, singlehandedly saving our gang with that jawdropping explosion. But Carol didn’t just rock the house with her action chops, she tugged at my heartstrings when she found herself reunited with both Rick and Darryl. Yup, Carol is The Walking Dead’s MVP, and they better not write her out of any upcoming episodes because she elevates every single scene.

Although I was never Tyrese’s biggest fan, it was still compelling to watch him handle the captive Terminus thug while simultaneously protecting Judith. Although I’m suspicious about how safe that set must have been with all those shots of the poor baby crying, the subplot proved to be a thrilling one for Tyrese who finally tapped it into his dark side and savagely dealt with the threat. I’m always captivated to see how far our characters have to go in this post-apocalyptic landscape.

And finally, we also learned that the Terminus peeps have been through some suffering themselves. Apparently they started out with good intentions, before being raped and abused by an evil gang of misfits. I’m guessing that gang will be haunting our survivors this season. This certainly raises the fear factor. A sense of urgency is always good for this show.

Zombie Bites

– That one-by-one throat slicing was vicious. But did anyone seriously think Glenn was in danger?

– Carol disguising herself as a Walker was brilliant as always. Who would have thought the poor little abused wife from season one would evolve in such a kickass manner?

– Seriously that explosion with the Walkers flying might be my favorite moment on the show EVER.

– Did no one else notice that goof? First Rick is being held captive, then Carol sees him outside being dragged off, then he’s captive again in the same spot! Weird..

– Seeing the Walkers on fire was a stunning visual.

– Rick ordering the gang to let their captor turn was wonderfully satisfying. And it’s a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, but we do see the guard as a Walker later with that same blood-drenched apron.

– Is creepy tattooed guy the same rapist we see in the flashback at the end?

– Another awesome cheer-worthy moment: Rick waiting for the last thug and taking his gun before shooting everyone else. I actually found myself cheering for Rick to kill them all; that’s what this show does to you.

– Just another example of cutthroat Carol: she successfully fights off the crazy woman, shoots her in the leg and then lets the Walkers eat her alive. Just brutal.

– So the cure is a button that can kill all Walkers? Or did I misunderstand that?

– Michonne and her makeshift katana = Too cool.

– Fascinating moment with Rick wanting to return to Terminus to kill the rest (while the gang was just thankful to be alive).

– Okay, so Rick’s reunion with Judith got me more than teary-eyed. It was downright beautiful.

– Perfect final moment with Rick writing over the Terminus sign. And look at that, Morgan is back! This is gonna be good.

Quips From The Apocalypse

Tyrese: How are you going to do this?
Carol: I’m gonna kill people.

Thug: Horrible shit just stacks up day after day. You get used to it.
Tyrese: I haven’t gotten used to it.
Thug: Of course you haven’t. You’re the kind of guy who saves babies. It’s kind of like saving an anchor when you’re stuck without a boat in the middle of the ocean. Been behind some kind of walls, right? You’re still around, but you haven’t had to get your hands dirty. I can tell. See, you’re a good guy.
Tyrese: You have no idea about the things I’ve done.
Thug: You’re a good guy. That’s why you’re gonna die today.

An explosive and riveting return from The Walking Dead. Fantastic.

Nad Rating

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